Huawei Y7A: Smartphone for the work from home executive, gamer and lifestyle grooving pinoy

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Huawei Y7A: Smartphone for the work from home executive, gamer and lifestyle grooving pinoy

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In Lifestyle: Huawei Y7A (Android Smartphone)

Having a lifestyle sporty, and yet multitasking friendly, smartphone make sense having to manage a work from home set-up. That choice sincerely make sense with Huawei Y7A.

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Multitasking, with typhoon hitting the Philippines weekly, requires a decent smartphone to manage mounting work from home chores. While raring to work these on your terms, a fast working smartphone like the Huawei Y7A helps you keep on track with real time work, including your children’s studying via webinars from home.

The Huawei Y7A sails with a Full High Definition (FHD) touch screen. It is 6.67 inches wide + screen access ratio friendly. It means every details normally seen on a big screen flat TV is visible on the Y7A. It is more elaborate, bringing more details that is particularly helpful for webinars rendered in a conference or classroom format. It is great watching streaming contents from Netflix, YouTube and flashdrive drive video files. It does not cut video screen size, letting you take more details. This is particularly helpful with webinars using blackboard presentations shown in vivid colors and contrast details.

Digital audio, with Huawei’s advancing Aritificial Intelligence software and hardware features, is adjusted to closest HD format. It gives that surround sound factor you can utilize for digital meetings, offerring more clarity in speech. And further enhanced when you connect to a Bluetooth speaker. Huawei Y7A is generally compatible with most wireless audio brands BigTito tested like JBL, Braven and LG speakers.

Pristine audio and broadband experience is made possible with Huawei Y7A’s Kirin 710A processor. Kirin processor is Huawei’s in-house manufactured and designed processor for its smart devices. It is known for its energy efficient design, allowing you to maximize battery in times like power outages after a strong typhoon like Ulysses. Powerful mobile device engine is highly regarded for its multitasking ability, allowing any single device to manage a number of live apps, from social media to webinar and banking service apps, becoming more useful during peak broadband hours.

A 4GB RAM compliments the kirin processor. It is enough to deploy or get third apps complimenting all your multitasking needs. It is made easy using Huawei App Gallery, which is in-house produced like Kirin, providing more Huawei device friendly softwares to empower your writing or video production needs. It requires one time registration, but this will help user get through challenges working and finding additional apps from gallery. It monitors your activity with secured programs protecting Huawei Y7A against scams, phising and phone viruses.

While it is suggested activating anti virus for your phone, and you can download a number of anti virus or anti phising apps on gallery, it is best to scan phone after webinars or browse researching. This helps phone track intrusive third party softwares feeding from background on your personal information. Once done, Huawei Y7A perfectly lets you smoothly check your finances on such pandemic finance apps like GCash and PayMaya. Bank apps are particularly target of phising, but you can hook this to your GCash and PayMaya, for a small fee, do fund transfers without setting foot physically in your bank’s branch.

Food apps like Foodpanda, Grab Food (or more specifc brand apps) works efficiently with Huawei Y7A. Migrating from an older Android phone, particularly a Huawei phone, is a snap – allowing you to continue with what you last did, apps, text and emails, with with just a few screen swipes. This can be done from booting or later date, depending on your needs. I suggest transferring only critical apps and email accounts you need. Leave images or videos accumulated on previous device to avoid file clutterring.

Movies, particularly streamable contents, is more immersive. Huawei Y7A’s advances with a video and audio quality adjusting system, giving you pristine clear videos and audios when you need it. It is added value for anyone shooting and editing raw videos using alternative editing apps. It gets you the full 1080p screen spec (FHD) for videos shot in lower 720p or standard format. Phone details with 128GB storage. It is expandable to 500+ storage. And Y7A can smoothly read files (without stalls) from teabyte size flashdrives. That goes when transferring files, which is recommended done once a week, to keep phone function efficient and faster for multitasking.

Studio or outdoor shoots with Huawei Y7A is a work of art! Why is that? Huawei Y7A set off with four powerful quad cameras. Rear camera evolves higher 4MP + f/1.8 DSLR camera features. It is perfect shooting products in Macro style, particularly for studio designed layouts. Artificial Intelligence precisioning makes it easy and possible shooting those silky calendar photos with plenty of drama. It means images with less digital noise, none of the blurry images.

Selfie shots are immaculately more natural. Front camera sails with similarly higher 8MP / f/2.4 spec + 120 degrees ultra wide angle camera. They can be used with DSLR output quality. It is perfect for social media posting, for digital publishing. Everything is publication ready with Huawei’s ultra wide camera design, perfectly capturing those candid group shot even without a selfie stick, even lighting. In addition, for a little stylish effect, two 2MP /f/2.4 has been added for depth and macro imaging. It is that detailed, making Huawei Y7a useful for anyone shape shifting between outdoor shooting and post production work with a powerful Android smartphone.

Lengthy Battery Life
Huawei Y7A performs long hours. Thanks to its 5000MaH rechargeable battery. Feature even includes a fast charging brick charger + chord specifically designed for Huawei Y7A. It can charge with other charges but with lengthy charging expected. A single 30 minute charge should bake you 70 percent battery life, standout for anyone preferring to shoot without fuss. It gets the job done without worrying about re-charging in the middle of day.

The Huawei Y7a is a bigger smartphone. It is user friendly for outdoor shoots, allowing you to manage multitasking. Body make is solid plastic in form. It is hardly visible or noticeable, giving it that fancy sleek design. Side rim is smoothl finished with that firm grip for extra protection. Fingerprint scanner locks from side. I find this more convenient unlocking phone. If this proves challenging, then shift to normal screen numerical pin code. Either way, Huawei Y7A is protected.

Gaming is particularly seamless with Huawei Y7A. It is smooth and screen color is not only vibrant, but strikingly colorful for a few hour’s game – even for on-line gap games. The color gamut is extraordinarily more flat OLED TV in retrospect, making it teasing shifting gears between webinars and egames. Either way, the Huawei Y7A does not necessarily stall when pushed to limit. And what is best about it, it does work with a 5G LTE Connectivity.


Huawei Y7A: Technical Features / Specifications

Huawei Y7a (4G LTE) specs:
VariantL Midnight Black, Crush Green, Bllush Gold
Engine: Kirin 710A Octa Core Processor
Storage: 128GB
Display Size: 6.67 inches FHD (2400×1080) / IPS Display

Camera Variants: Quad Type
• 48MP f/1.8 main
• 8MP f/2.4 120-degrees ultra-wide
• 2MP f/2.4 depth
• 2MP f/2.4 macro
8MP f/2.0 front camera

Wi-Fi Type: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Type: 5.1 GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Heeadphone design: 3.5mm headphone jack
Security: In-display fingerprint scanning
Battery type: 5,000mAh battery
Charger type: Fast charger 22.5W
Port Type: TYpe C
WEight: 20g grams
USB Type-C port

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