Aira Lopez reveals her lifestyle’s perfect partner

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Aira Lopez reveals her lifestyle’s perfect partner

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Multifaceted influencer, athlete, host shares her story of winning races, health, and advocacy to help more people live better lives

The 24-year-old goal-getter, influencer, athlete, and host for CNN’s Cycling Unlimited TV show, Aira Lopez, proves that a healthy lifestyle is not as simple as a 30-day diet routine but a daily practice of healthy habits. Recently, Lopez became one of the new brand ambassadors of Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider.

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Despite juggling work hustles daily, Lopez always finds time to exercise and drink her supplements. “I do cardio exercise more often. I do biking, running, and swimming, especially if I
have a lot of time on my hand. And if my morning schedule allows me, I go for a morning bike ride,” Lopez shared.

“I don’t follow any specific or strict diet. I eat whatever I want. But the secret to staying fit is I burn it through exercise. I exercise a lot so that I can eat a lot. Plus, part of my everyday healthy lifestyle is drinking Santé Barley every morning after my workout session,” she blithely added.

Being sports-inclined, Lopez, at a young age, knows how precious health is. “I do love sports since my elementary days,” she said. Lopez claimed that she was already health-conscious at a young age and wanted to share with everyone how she considered her health as her wealth, just
like the golden adage says. Her Papa Louie also revealed that during her high school days, Lopez was a baseball player in her school.

“We used to arrange fun rides together with my other siblings and Papa Louie. We once conducted a free event in Tarlac, and it was free for everyone. We also gave free food to the

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