Ateneo, Boston College sign agreement to build greater cooperation 

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Ateneo, Boston College sign agreement to build greater cooperation 

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Ateneo de Manila University and Boston College (BC) recently inked an agreement that strengthens the partnership and cooperation between the two educational institutions.

The agreement between the two Jesuit universities was signed last January 15. The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Ateneo President, Fr. Roberto Yap, SJ and BC President, Fr. William Leahy, SJ, states that the goal of the agreement is for the two institutions to build on and expand on their previous cooperation.  

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“We are proud that we are building a deeper and stronger partnership with Boston College,” Yap said. “We believe that with this agreement we can further build on the great work that we have done in the past while continuing to contribute positively to our communities in BC and Ateneo.”

In the agreement, several future collaborations have been identified between the two schools. These include a partnership between the Loyola School of Theology and the Boston College School of Theology which will explore online courses that will be made available to each school. The two schools’ Environmental Science departments are also going to collaborate  on Environmental Studies and the Climate Change and Societal Adaptation. 

Aside from these, BC and Ateneo are looking to further deepen the working relationship between Ateneo’s Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (SALT) Institute and the BC Lynch School of Education and Human Development’s Learning Engineering Program. BC and Ateneo are also looking at developing a closer synergy in the fields of Global Public Health and Entrepreneurship. 

“Through this agreement we will contribute greatly to the academic development of both the Ateneo and BC. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with BC across different areas of interest,” Yap said.  

Before the signing of this agreement, Ateneo and BC had undertaken several projects. There has been faculty and student exchange between the two institutions, guest lectures from faculty members of Ateneo in BC, and sponsorship of students from BC for study at the Ateneo.  


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