Nokia 2.3 Android multitasker: Best budget friendly handset for your summer getaway

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Nokia 2.3 Android multitasker: Best budget friendly handset for your summer getaway

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In Review: Nokia 2.3 Android Smartphone

When Nokia sailed with Android, it had one objective in mind: sell more affordable quality smartphones to Filipinos. That marketing concept, which is synonymous with public’s perception of famed European mobile phone brand, remains intact with Nokia, particularly in the Philippines.

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Keeping up with Nokia following’s clamor for a quality yet budget friendly Android smartphone, Nokia launched another Android smartphone below the P10K budget price range.

Designed for multitasking
Keeping with Filipino’s interest to surf or get on-lline real time, the Finnish mobile smartphone brand launched the Nokia 2.3. Targetting young and active millennials, Nokia 2.3, which is Android 10 software ready, details with standard 6.2 inches High Definiton (HD)+ 19.9 in cell display. Wide screen appeals to wireless gamers, and screen graphics have definitely improved with more details fit for Mobile Legends. Wide screen, for those using their smartphones for live video streaming, nicely fit eye view. It means that gaming is swift even when playing on-line, with your headsets plugged in constantly while gaming.

The Nokia 2.3 includes Face Unlock. It is added security, particlarly for people who shift phone usage between entertianment and business. Live video, on our outdoor trial with a pre-paid pocket Wi-Fi, was generally seamless – definitely no visible backlogs or image pixellation. Full screen display is equally great watching streaming movies particularly with Netflix, HBO GO, IFlix or Disney app.

Crisp clear camera
Nokia 2.3 comes with standard 13 megapixel / 2MP dual rear camera. The front camera settles with typical 5 megapixel camera. Either way, when either back or front cameras were tested on different lighting conditions, produce clear/crisp images detailed for social media uploads. Nokia’s cameras has always been on bright colors, even with dim lot shot images. It is a perfect summer feature to capture things like your travel moments. Feature includes 2MP depth sensor, f2.2 apperture autofocus for main camera, and LED Flash, which is good enough for group shot throws needing additional lighting.

Google Assistant
For drivers or Persons With Dissabilities (PWD), Nokia 2.3 sits with Google Assistant feature. It works handsomely on limited data, particularly mall internet, but it should be seamless more with your pocket data hooked to phone. Google Assistant is handy for digital tips for locations, places or even names of people. Verbal control through GA is smooth, making it a worthwhile feature for elderly or the blind.

Phone storage
Budget friendly smartphones normally have limited phone storages. The Nokia 2.3 details with standard 2GB RAM/ 32GB storage. It is enough for phone shot images. It is a different story for videos, which requires more storage particularly for raw footages. In which case, if you love to shoot images and videos combined, you can always include a third party storage for this Nokia smartphone. Having an SD card for storage prevents phone internally from slowing down.

App friendly
Android smartphone software have greatly improved to manage a handful of data driven applications. Nokia 2.3 is one of such smartphones in the market. It means that, if you are a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram kind of a person, this smartphone comes handy even with streaming. Netflix, iFlilx, HBO GO or money apps like PayMaya and GCash works with wonders on the. Nokia 2.3. Streaming video quality is generally vivid, even for lengthy streaming or when streaming during peak hours.

Bluetooth / Sound
It runs with latest Bluettoth 5.0. It means faster wireless data transfer and connectivity for those sharing internet data with other devices. Nokia 2.3 does not support NFC, which some people prefer for file transfers, but Bluetooth design for this device should be enough for similar functionalities. While I prefer taking Buetooth headset for a spin, which plays great songs from phone’s playlist, Nokia 2.3 did retain a 3.5mm audio jack.

Running processor/ Battery/ OS
Nokia 2.3 Android smartphone ships iwht MediaTek Helio A22 chipset, 2.0 GHz Quad Core Cortex A53 CPU, Power VR GE8300 GPU and standard 2GB RAM and bigger 32GB storage. Combined engine spec, particularly for multitaskers, shold be enough managing a handful live apps, phone calls or video streaming. Nokia 2.3 runs with laest Android 9.0 pie but is ready for Android 10 pie adaptation.

The Price
For a handsome Android smartphone with Nokia’s fancy steel finish design, Nokia 2.3 is definitely an attention grabber. Launched in time for Valentines DAy 2020, Nokia 2.3, which is available on shop site Lazada for those preferring to have their shopping purchases shipped to their house, retails in the Philippines for only P5,990.

Nokia Android 2.3 Smartphones (Complete Specs)

Processor: 2.0 GHZ Quad Core Cortex A53/ Media TEk Helio A22/ PowerVR GE8300 GPU

Screen: 6.2 iches HD + 19.9 in cell display

Camera: 13MP/ 2MP Dual Rear Camera / 5MP Front Camera

Battery: 4,000MAh*

Storage: 2GB RAM/ 32GB mobile storage

Functions: Google Assistant Button

Security: Face Unlock / Biometric Security

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