Big, immersive and budget friendly TV for pinoy consumers living in the new normal

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Big, immersive and budget friendly TV for pinoy consumers living in the new normal

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In Review: Xtreme Smart TV: LED-49 MF-4900S

Big LED screen is more immersive

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Built in sound bar to compliment 4K content streaming

Movies just got better watching from home! Thanks to home appliance brand Xtreme, Filipino household are beginning to enjoy first rate home theater entertainment with LED Flat TVs, which is not only energy efficient, it supplements the need of anyone grounded to work from home.

And in the past ten months, Xtreme delivered its topping Smart TV series, aiming to bring more of those big flat TVs to mainstream Filipinos looking for budget friendly home appliances for work and entertainment. Topping that choice is Xtreme’s 49 inch MF-4900s LED Smart 4K TV. Sounds expensive, right!

Not really, and it offers high end 4K features matching those fancy 4K TVs selling outrageously for so much.

So, what can we expect or get from Xtreme MF-4900s LED TV? Let us begin with the screen. For a 49 inch flat TV selling below the 30k price range, the MF-4900 delivers 4K standard LED screen. It can play those 8GB 4K movies that recently came out like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet or Wonder Woman. It gets you familiar screen aspect ratio with that wide cinematic effect, becoming more engaging with TVs built in surround sound speaker bar just beneath the screen, practically covering all sides for that completely immersive theater sound.

And you can tell audio theater quality because it gives you more details even when audio is set to low volume. It is that elegant to ears, magnifying audio to compliment visual with that impressive experience imprint watching say Tenet. It cuts through volume blast to enjoy those epic war scenes in Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Tempered audio gives wider perspective, offerring details that you can only enjoy inside a digital theater. And whichever side of TV, you get same audio and visual share.

Designated YouTube and Netflix buttons


With contents watched streaming, Netflix, VIU, Amazon Prime and HBOMax are becoming more theater feature sufficient even for mobile viewing. Xtreme MF-4900s LED TV gets you same flying features but on a big screen TV theater aspect ratio. This can be done two ways. Netflix and YouTube has been imbedded on this TV, in fact a designated button can be found on the banana type remote control. It cuts through usual app setting, and all you need to do is click to play.

Designated app works with your Netflix or YouTube account, for as long as you have fast broadband internet. Initial broadband tests showed Xtreme works with Globe, Smart and Convergence. And you can download other apps like HBO Go or VIU on your TV like you would in a laptop. But for those without broadband, and not many Filipinos can afford a postpaid broadband, you can enjoy watching Netflix on your big TV screen.

A feature called screen casting can help you broadcast directly what is on your mobile or tablet screen real time – and this feature is wireless. It works similarly like Chromecast connected to a broadband. Screen casting does not require broadband to cast your mobile screen. And, for your information, that same casting options works with movies or video content playing live on your devices. It does not need internet, and it works like how you one uses Wi-fi to connect with other devices to your PC or laptop.

Netflix or YouTube can freely cast without putting your Smart TV on-line. And you can use instead your phone’s broadband connection to play Netflix or YouTube contents you can then cast to your big TV screen. For this to work your smartphone and TV must have screen casting features that can be activated with live Wi-Fi. I have been watching a number of series, documentaries and movies using screen casting. And I find it cost efficient since I only have to lean on my phone’s internet to watch streaming apps live.

While casting actively works with Netflix, VIU or stocked movie files on your smartphone, it can be tricky playing streaming apps from HBO GO or that newly launch Tagalog movie streaming app VivaMax. It bars video from showing on TV screen, with exception of audio and setting can be viewed on purpose. In such case, if you want to watch new contents from certain apps, it is best to add app on Xtreme TV’s menu.

But there is more you can enjoy with screen casting. In my case, where I have been doing on-line events participation, I have used app to view product launches on YouTube and Facebook, which has become a pop launching pad for brands. I fancy watching YouTube contents, particularly those HD film or TV trailers, compliments with Xtreme TV’s 4K screen features. Projection is full HD or 4K, making it a great option to broadcast presentation with just smartphone doing all the digital casting. It is that simple, easy and efficient.

And with more people using smartphones for multitasking, we tried and tested a bunch of branded smartphones offerring screen casting features. Brands like realme, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, OPPO and Vivo works seamlessly casting direct phone contents. Xiaomi has a different take, in some cases only audio is detected. It can be a software compatibility issue. Either way, Xtreme TV broadcast only 1/3rd of casting screen, which is like shrinking a 49 inch screen to a 42 inch point. It can be remedied using a third party video player instead of given kit app.

Xtreme retained standard audio and video plug ins, adding HDMI and ports for digital antenna. It is a welcome option for those still using DVD or watching contents using standard terabyte size flashdrives. Seagate works well playing stored contents on this TV. It is efficient particularly when uploading streamable 4K contents without file type issues getting in way.

What is big TV without digital TV platform? Xtreme includes digital TV features that can simply programmed or activated from remote control setting. If you still have those TV Plus antennas works handsomely, no need to buy digital TV box to get local news upfront. All you need to do is plugged digital antenna and activate channel programmng. It is that simple and easy, and you can just choose channels you want for daily surfing.

TV can be activated from banana remote control. Setting buttons allows you to change of fine tune screen color specifications for sports, news, documentaries or movies. Audio gets you more details activating TVs phenomenal surroud sound speaker bar. It can be tempered for your living room’s right audio reach or limitations. But when casting we noticed TV shifting to its standard video to audio factory settings. It is automatic and cannot be adjusted.

We have been using Xtreme MF-4900s daily, roughly eight hours daily. And for the past three months, we have noticed having added this much TV hours with a bigger 4K TV did not spike electricity billing. It was only adding around P200 with each daily adding to a regular monthly TV screening consumption. I find this budget rating acceptable with increasing digital mobility with work shifting generally on-line.

Perhaps the ony minor setback I am noticing with Xtreme TV, and this should not affect the way most people multitask with their remote control leaning TV sets, is low channel phasing. There is a noticeable lag shift where it does not exactly amount to a program stall. In which case, Xtreme’s TV design can actually detect viewing activity (even for plugged in players or casting mobile devices) turning TV off.

Taking all these features, including the TV’s 49 inch screen with 4K features, make for a resonable TV choice for budget sensitive consumers, Xtreme develops high quality home appliance with features at par with what high end brands engage digital technology soaked consumers to adapt in the name of progress. It is a good brand offerring a range of LED TVs suited for big families adapting to the digital internet frontier’s demand for wider wireless broadband connectivity with COVID-19 pandemic still raging in developing countries like the Philippines.

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