Comfy Affair With My Havaianas Flip Flops!

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Comfy Affair With My Havaianas Flip Flops!

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When the pandemic hit primetime in March 2020, I literally gave up wearing shoes for that homely Flip Flop that became a friendly part of my foothold grind. It felt suddenly like I was back to my childhood, where Flip Flop (or Tsinelas) was a carefree buddy everywhere I go.

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Being a solid Tito (an Uncle), Flip Flops offered a fresh beginning, better yet to keep my feet relaxed. And in a tropical country with year round summer weather, Flip Flops are a way of life.

Back in the 80s I had two Flip Flops – one for indoor and another for outdoor footing. It was a household drill since my grandmother hated seeing dirt cascade through her newly floor waxed wooden floor slabs.

Flip Flop Home Buddies from Havaianas

But I kept three Flip Flops, a third for my room or bathroom usage. All three Flip Flops were part of my childhood indoornand outdoor activity. When I went out to play, which meant going to rice fields through my bicycle after breakfast, I would settle for my blue Flip Flops. It keeps dirt stain off, and it was comfy for long walks across ricefields to my Aunty’s house, where we climbed trees to pick ripe guavas.

Back home for lunch, Flip Flops were kept out of house. We would wash our foot, before wearing those lighter colored Flip Flops. It kept foot dry going in and out of kitchen, including Lola’s floor, where the rest of children get a taste test of ulam for lunch. I remember briefly squaky sound of Flip Flops marching off when children round up in dirty kitchen for a taste of Lola’s Adobo and kakanin (rice based sweets).

Getting to our room was another memorable drill for this Tito. I would sneak out my third Flip Flops, the most colorful of bunch, to bathe. Flip Flops, if memoery serves me correctly, came handy when showering because it prevented tile slips while soaked wet in bubbly soap. It kept our footing clean til we change house clothings before afternoon siesta.

Today, with COVID19 pandemic forcing more people to be on lockdown lengthily from home, Flip Flops are joyfully coming back with Havaianas.

Yes, the Brazilian made Flip Flops, which comes in a variety of colored or fancy summer designed home footwear, perfectly helps uplift those damp work from home footing sentiments. And it brings back those precious Flip Flop adventures too, when I was a curious child exploring nature -outdoors in the farm.

Havaianas Flip Flops are super comfy for starters! What it does, compared to locally made Tsinelas, is add right layer of foot protection. It cuts through slippery sensation when foot sweats from sun lit heat, keeping your foot in slipper form’s place. This keeps foot, fat, slim or bulky, roundly protected from floor contact friction. Havaianas has this unique foot grip that offers extra protection each time foot pauses from fast walk.

Flip Flop thickness offers a just the right balance for your foot, perfect for anyone coming from a lengthy gym workout or doing brisk walks on unleveled pavements.

Worth noting, if you are particular with Flip Flop fit and quality, is the Havaianas’s rubber straps gently, particularly with wet foot or when soaked in rain. It stretches without stressing rubber, keeping it molded with each usage. Rubber foot size base is soft yet thick enough to take in friction pressure, ensuring Flip Flop’s longevity.

And there is a wide variety of Flip Flop designer Havaianas footwear you can choose from in store, which even accept online shopping with home delivery via Shopee. Havaianas footwear designs changes seasonally, so with summer Havaianas brought in a number of pastel single colored to creatively warm mixed color matte designs you can actually match with your home to beach wear (for those with a residential pool).

You can even mix matched Flip Flops for fancy instagram HavIanas upload. It is that fun and exciting taking Havaianas for a foot spin each time!

Havaianas offer a great means to share experience with your wife and children. Each Havaianas Flip Flops represents a character, a pinoy personality drawn towards unifying family. And this is key to keeping family active, happy beginning with their choice of Flip Flops to match style while studying or working from home with your family! And you can even choose a slim fit Flip Flop, depending on your taste and interest.

And with Havaianas crossing my path this summer, I have taken habit of getting Flip Flops each for outdoor walks, indoor usage and for the bathroom. Either way, Havaianas is a welcome centerpiece for my home centered lifestyle, my foot’s overall well being.


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Have fun under the sun with Havaianas is having a grand sale today March 27, offerring up to 70% off on brand’s latest and stylish trendy footwear. And on top of it Havaianas is doing special  a special buy 1 donate 1 campaign.

fEach flip-floppurchase today, another  flip-flop is donated  beneficiary in need from.brand’d partner Project SMILE.

This partner organization helps communities for farmers, fisherfolk, underprivileged children, frontliners, and the PWD community!


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