Commuting safely in the time of COVID-19

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Commuting safely in the time of COVID-19

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Thousands of workers have gone back to their workplaces and brave the threat of COVID-19 as the general community quarantine is extended in NCR until June 30. In reality, this still poses new challenges on how social distancing and self-protection can be done in this “new normal” for our commuting public.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) released a community guideline to address this, one of which is the mandatory use of cashless payments in public transportation.

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As more people worry about catching the disease from interacting with other people and touching shared items such as cash, this contactless payment technology is more than ever a requirement in our “new normal.”

TRIPKO reloadable payment card is geographically the most widely-accepted transport card in the country today. By using TRIPKO, three main contact points are minimized to better protect the commuting public and the transport companies’ employees themselves. 

First contact point is the issuance of manual tickets. These are passed on through different channels from production, inventory, dispatch until it is issued by conductors to passengers, which will be then subject to physical check by inspectors.  Furthermore, during transit these tickets are held by the transport employee, and are exposed to the elements that once contaminated, will be passed on to others.

This process will be streamlined by using TICKETKO, an automated ticketing system used in conjunction with TRIPKO. This mobile POS uses thermal paper in a compartment, and sealed before use.  Once a thermal ticket is printed, we know that it is new and the passenger can peel it off personally so that no interaction with the conductor or driver happens. Moreover, the TICKETKO device can be disinfected compared to paper tickets.  

Second contact point is the exchange of money to pay for fare.  We know that money changes hands frequently and can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Under the “new normal,” even the World Health Organization (WHO) is already promoting the use of contactless cash cards.  TRIPKO allows the exchange of money confined to just one location which is the loading station. By using TRIPKO, the passenger taps the cash card on to TICKETKO without any contact with the conductor or driver. Simply put, passengers just need to LOAD, TAP, and RELAX each trip.

Lastly, contact tracing is easy because each TRIPKO cardholder is asked to register his/her card online so that each time passenger taps the card, we automatically have a record of who are inside the public vehicle. This complies with LTFRB’s “new normal” requirement to keep a trip manifest or logbook of passengers for contact tracing amid the pandemic. No need to hold the publicly shared pen and paper for manual logging onsite.

HM Transport is one of the few bus companies during GCQ that was immediately allowed to operate because of their ability to accommodate cashless payments. Since Aug 2019, TRIPKO has been used by HM Transport in 2 of their routes: 1) Starmall Alabang-BGC; 2) Pacita-BGC. This month, they commenced cashless payment in the Alabang Town Center-BGC P2P. Other routes are being arranged at this point. 

Last year, EcoDyip with its DyipKo modernized jeepneys offered the TRIPKO payment option in their PITX-Lawton route. In Feb 2020, it was launched in Bahaghari Kapit Bisig Transport Cooperative in Mindoro. Other clients include JAM Liner, Cher Transport, AB Liner, Basicano Transport, Ilagan Public Utility Transport Cooperative, among others. At least 50 more routes are underway as TRIPKO continuously deploys the system to other transport companies nationwide. 

TRIPKO is a product of Journeytech, Inc., a 10 year-old IT company focused on digitizing the transportation payment landscape thereby promoting security and efficiency to the riding public and transport operators.

For more information, you may check, /tripkoph on Facebook, and TRIPKO Reloadable Payment Card YouTube channel. You may also reach Louise Yu, Marketing Director of Journeytech at 0919 992-6757.

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