Did you know you can request finance support through GCash?

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Did you know you can request finance support through GCash?

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A community lockdown can take its toll on your finances. What do you do when that scenario hit your family, particularly those residing outside Metro Manila? I turn to GCash for a practical solution.

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While I have option to get a loan from GCash, and this can be debited from your active GCash account, did you know you can also ask for financial assistance using GCash? I bet you did not know that either!

Take for example my situation. When community lockdown commenced last March 15, I was barred from going home to my house in Novaliches, forcing myself to stay with relatives in New Manila, Quezon City. A month before words of an upcoming community lockdown became imminent, I was able to get my family home in Quezon province – where it was deemed safer that time.

Getting stuck, primarily alone in a guest room, thanks to kind relatives who took me in for safety reasons, my only means of connectivity is through my mobile phone, social media and world wide web of the internet. I had no access to banks, remittances shops or even a sari sari store for sending money to the province.

What should I do now? How do I support my family, whom I have no access except through social media and my mobile phone?

Well, the answer to that shining problem is GCash!

On my fourth week in full community quarantine mode, let us face it, my financial resources – in particular my savings pot – was beginning to dwindle. I have to provide money to my family, who was contended receiving funding wirelessly, through their mobile devices.

While there was still funds to send, I needed more to replenish GCash with fresh funding. How do I do that with stricter community/home quarantine in place? While I could go to bank the likelihood of getting COVID-19 scared the living daylights out of me! I was not going to bring home a deadly virus! No way!

I began browsing GCash app. I found two practical options how to get my GCash account funded. One is GCash Request, allows  you to get in touch with relatives with active GCash accounts to send money. I found this option special, since you can actually send a note (or video) for financial assistance to anyone using GCash.

It is a discreet way of asking people, particualry relatives, for help with your finances. It is like sending a simple help text message (with your request) to a close relative or a dear friend you could not reach through regular channels. I find it practical, not for soliitation, but in appealing to people who have payable loans to me.

Another way, for those with linkable savings account, is to fund your GCash account with affiliated banks. The process is easy, and everything rendered wirelessly and cash free too. Feature works for anyone on quarantine, since you can access bank account fund that you can use to send money to your relatives via GCash.

GCash transactions, particularly those involving bank type transactions, are strictly regulated by the Central Bank of the Philippines. It is 24/7 encrypted, for maximum user protection. Each transaction is real time monitored, if not recorded. Each party involved in transaction gets an SMS notification, as proof of transaction. Data indicates time and where (in cases of on-line puchase and sending or receiving money) transaction was exactly rendered.

What is best about feature, except for some bank transactions with lower processing fees,  GCash  coursed transactions are generally free. It means, if your are sending or receiving GCash money, recipient gets the same exact amount. No miscellaneous or hidden finance fees to worry about.

Incidentally, GCash request money feature, if you have distant relatives needing immediate financial or health expenses support, is a reliable ally you can lean on for outright money transaction. And for those preferring cash, GCash includes ATM card you can use to debit or encash money from regular ATM machines.

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