Digital Walker launch OnePlus N10 5G in Midnight Ice

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Digital Walker launch OnePlus N10 5G in Midnight Ice

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Most affordable 5G smartphone with flagship-quality experience

In an age where everything seems to be moving at a rapid clip. It is on the rare occasion that something truly blows us away. But with its 5G speeds, Warp Charging, and racing frame rate, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G promises to do just that.

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And while we could reach—like our competition—for hyperboles to describe its speed or liken it to some apex predator, we issue the only true response one can give in the face of unearthly speed, our minds blown, and that is:


Warp Charge 30T
Delivers a day’s power in just half an hour*

90 Hz Smooth Display
The N10 5G display refreshes 50% faster than standard 60 Hz displays, making it more responsive and smoother. Swipe and scroll with an upgraded viewing experience on the new N10 5G.

5G Ready
It’s finally time to upgrade to the next chapter of mobile technology – 5G. The N10 5G packs a powerful punch, featuring a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 690 chipset powered by an octa-core CPU, enabling you to reach powerful 5G speeds.

Quad Camera
The N10 5G has a 64 MP main camera, and three others that capture stunning details. Switch between a 119° ultra-wide, macro, and monochrome lens.

The N10 5G has 6 GB of RAM, so you can forget the limits of your phone. You have all you need to enjoy your favorite apps, games, movies, and TV series.

Price and Availability

OnePlus N10 5G in Midnight Ice is now available at Digital walker branches with a special EARLY BIRD PRICE at P13,990 only until January 10, 2021!

Shop safely at the comfort of your home, visit our online stores:




*You may avail easy-to-own credit card installment options through Digital Walker stores:

6 months – P 2,615.00/ month
12 months – P 1,307.50/ month
24 months – P 653.75/ month

*Please note that our delivery vans are enroute to our physical and online stores and available units per branch may vary depending on their arrival. You can call ahead to check for availability:

*OnePlus N10 is 5G Ready. 5G service availability is dependent on the network provider.

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a global mobile technology company challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans.

About HomeOffice

The world is changing, and so is your professional and work habits. At times, it may be more difficult, more complex and even more challenging. But whatever industry you may be, the things you do are roughly the same. The items you need, the items you will use, we’ve made sure to have sourced and made available the best tools you will ever need. So take a gander, take a look; a cable, a charger, true wireless earphones, speakers, laptops, mobile phone, whatever gadget you may think of, we’ll have it. provides a variety of top and amazing brands hand-picked and ready to be delivered, straight to your home. (

About Digital Walker

Digital Walker is one of the country’s largest retailers of premium gadgets and accessories. Carrying a wide selection of consumer technology products that range from smartphones, tablets, cameras, cases, smartwatches, headphones, earphones.

With over thirty stores nationwide and a strong presence in the E-commerce and the Marketplace platforms, Digital Walker brings top notch brands and the tech lifestyle closer to its customers.

For more information, follow Digital Walker on Facebook @digitalwalkerstore and on Instagram @digitalwalkerph

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