Fancy, Powerful Everyday Handset for the Digital Pinoy

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Fancy, Powerful Everyday Handset for the Digital Pinoy

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In Review: Samsung Galaxy A13

By Edsel Lorete / BigTito Editor

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Topping Features

Battery Works for Lengthy Multitasking

Dependable Processor for App Management

Trendy Design/Light and Handy

Security Updates (Four Years)

Budget Friendly

Android smartphones come and go. But for Samsung it is different, delivering a under friendly Android device that would compliment the overall needs, expectations of the digital Pinoy.

BigTito is talking about the Samsung Galaxy A13, one the better mid range handset we came across with lately.

Let us get to know the Samsung Galaxy A13 closer!

Kicking off with a mean 6.5 inch HD Display, the Samsung Galaxy A13 engages like many other (mid range) Samsung handsets.

Light, slim and fancy beautiful the Galaxy A13 make a handy smartphone to manage business or simply entertainment. The A13’s 6.5 inch Display, on first screen boot to main page, engages with its richer red, blue and green saturation. It is a signature for many Samsung devices, enjoying more cinematic tones that is great for content streaming, live webinars and gaming events.

The Galaxy A13 ships with standard white box, bramd printed manuals inside along with brick charger, Type C chord and the smrtphone. We received the light sky blue variant that gives off that flamboyant summer appeal.

Bezels are relatively thin to our stndard, making it easy slipping the A13 in-and-out of your bag, jean pocket for calls, update social media. The round edges comes provides easier hand grip mold, avoiding slips. Tear drop notch, bearing front camera, details on top of main screen. Length of screen (and this is ajustable from setting) gives full video or image preview, great for video calls or streaming content while on foot.

While some people might not be that giving with a MediaTek chipset, BigTto attest to A13’s MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor’s capacity to maintain smooth multitasking. And chipset is more than capable handling five or more screen apps competing for processor attention – no lags whatsoever on our week long trial.

Screen phasing, which refers to momentum shiefting back and fourth social media, fintech, gaming and email accounts, was simply pristine. That makes the A13 dependable doing simple things like managing phone calls while checking your in box mails, downloading attachment or playing live egames. It is the same user friendly experience pre editing a feature or a video spiel for your website.

First boots, compared to previous Galaxy models, details with familiar logging process for your Google specifications. It guides you to set up your Google Email, Google App Market and Google Browsers. After that security set up is suggested, basically putting in the needed protection features against third prty intrusions. You can assign alpha numerical specifications or facial recognition or why not add one of those third party security apps that lets you wipe phone content from another Android smartphone.

After that, if you are press to use the Samsung Galaxy A13 immediately, all you need is slip on your existing SIM card tray (which can be opened from side) to make phone calls, activate data through phone settings.

While socal media apps like Facebook may be ready for activation you can download from Google App Market other pop apps like Instagram, Twitter or Waze. It is that simple and easy. Additional security features like cloud for data and anti virus you can add on with booting process completion.

Connectivity is a bliss! Bluetooth, if you happen to have Bluetooth speakers or Smart TV in your household, Samsung Galxy A13 is designed to screencast via Google or just plug in a flashdrive to download all your phone contents (photo, video or even files) to a  Terabyte size flashdrive then connect to your TV or laptop for editing or viewing video contents on a wider HD screen.

Either way, for anyone customary to multitasking, Samsung designed the A13 for fast wireless connectivity between two or more digital devices. The A13 ships with standard 4GB RAM. Storage, which is relatively expandable, details with typical 64GB pack.

Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy A13’s screen engages with a 90Hz refresh rate. It is what keeps the app screen movements between two or more screens fluid. While that may not suffice with constant usage, when phone gets filled up with files the best mens to get around this spectacle is to use cloud offers secure option to keep data you can open from any smart device.

If you are migrating from another Glaxy smartphone, it should be easy settling down with the A13. As previously mentioned, kit comes with faster Type C port and charging brick with plug in chord. The blaster or speake has a good audio throw for webinars or watching streaming videos on Netflix, strong enough for a mini party. If you want more intimate audio, BigTito suggest hooking up Bluetooth TWC, Speaker for theater audio broadcast. The A13 swiftly connect with most branded Bluetooth ready devices.

The LCD panel of Samsung Galaxy A13 is 720P. It is not a bad thing, if you happen to love streaming movies on line, because broadcast images or videos are exceptionally clear. It even feels more cinematic compared to Samsung’s competitor’s feature screen iterations. What details for Samsung Galaxy A13 is the software and hardware design that keep up despite constant usage. Volume rockers sits on corner side with power button. There is a fingerprint scanner for additionaal security features. The dual SIM Card port, which you can open with ejector took on kit, situates on the left corner while Type C port sits beside blaster underneath with standard 3.5 millimeter jack.

Video shoots crisp HD video, images that are publication ready. It means you can use it for video report spiels or shoot selfie ID pics to compliments social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Audio recordings are exceptionally clear for ambush interviews. It can even double for audio sound bed for simple raw videos, news clips. All it needs is a little creative input to get publication done in no time.

The egg shell finish for the back may sound plasticky. But the A13’s clean finish makes phone more attractive, especially under the sunshine fold. It gives off that fashion fancy sleek form. The A13:is not scratch proof but you can add protective gel cover for that extra care against bumps, accidental falls.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 details with One UI program over Android 11. Software is upgradable with Samsung devices. That gets you that app drawer to store apps you do not want flashing on main screen. It simplifies the multitasking function with occasionaal Android patches to improve phone functionality.

The Samsung Gaalaxy A13 details with a 4G or 5G variant. Either choice works seamlessly. In which case, it would to determine first if your area delivers 4G or 5G service to maximize phone potential, complimenting your multitasking needs.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 delivers stunning glossy imaging, prodution ready videos. The primary camera sits with a grand 50 megapixel camera supported by two other 2 megapixel cameras for depth and macro. Put these together and you get DSLR quality (glossy calendar) output all the time. Outdoor landscapes details with great color while indoor shots might need more lighting support to get through minimal noise. Either way, BigTito did observe sharper photos with longer exposures.

The A13’s 2MP Macro camera details with 1600 by1200 pixels, sharpening images. It is great for production shots or outdoor insect shots. It takes creativity to get around this spectcle, teasing with more detailed backdrops. That should work well for anyone dabbling in video production or publication photography.

BigTito Say

Reliable, user friendly. These two primary factors makes the Samsung Galaxy A13 a practical purchase choice for a budget friendly Android smartphone. Sporting a Mediatek chipset (instead of typical Snapdragon processor) the A13 demonstrates capacity to smoothly manage a handful of live apps, particularly Fintech or Social Media programs constantly competing for processor attention, making tasks for business, entertainment or digital gaming easier to deploy. The A13, with its light, thinner and lengthy screen, make for a handy daily smartphone to compliment your lifestyle or personality with its fancy pastel finish.


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Samsung Galaxy A13: Technical Specifications

CPU: MediaTek Dimensity 700
Storage: 64GB
Battery: 5,000 mAh
Operating System: Android 11 with OneUI 3.1
Front camera: 5MP f/2.0
Rear camera: 50MP f/1.8 primary, 2MP f/2.4 macro, 2MP f/2.4 depth
Dimensions: 164.5 x 76.5 x 8.8mm
Display type: 6.5″ 720p PLS TFT LCD, 90Hz
Weight: 195g
Price: $250

Quicker than I’d expect a budget phone to be
Long battery life
Four years of security updates


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