Fujifilm’s stylish new mini 11 is out!

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Fujifilm’s stylish new mini 11 is out!

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Going out somewhere, perhaps to the beach or having dinner with friends! If that is the case, and you want to capture the moment in a snap, then the new Fujifilm mini 11 should be part of it!

The new mini 11 is the first entry model to feature the “Automatic Exposure” function. It automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and optimizes the shutter speed and flash output according to the condition. It’s now easier to take selfies with mini 11. The Selfie Mode can be activated by simply pulling out the front end edge of the lens after powering the camera on. This is will be available on March 5, 2020. Price is TBC.

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To know more, please find press materials here: New instax mini 11 PR Kit

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