Secured, accounted financial transactions made easy for delivery payments

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Secured, accounted financial transactions made easy for delivery payments

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Ever since the government announced stricter community quarantine policy, generally restricting public transport and human contact in public, consumers have resorted to have cooked food and supermarket produce delivered right on their door steps

And with government’s “draconian” 30-day national quarantine policy in effect, how can small business get paid delivering produce to their demanding customers? Well, one way is to go for cashless delivery payments through GCash Send Money.

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GCash, for those unaware, is a mobile application you can download for free on either Android or Apple devices. Mobile app works like a debit card, but it allows you to pay or receive payments digitally using the internet.

How can GCash work for SMEs? Well, it is easy! All you need is to open a GCash account from app. Once the single registration procedure has been achieved, you can start transacting money payments through a feature called GCash Send Money. And for those managing a business or receiving work sidelines, this feature can be used to receive or send money wirelessly 24/7.

Start up deliveries, be it food, supermarket or for in demand shopping items like medicines, can greatly benefit from GCash Send money. Why? For the most part the app’s transactions are relatively cash free. It means that for sale payments, consumers can pay exactly for their delivered produce’s original price, with just a few screen clicks on your smart devices, no change necessary.

GCash relatively works with live data, postpaid or prepaid, making it accessible for general consumers. It is great for farm produce or cooked food outlets outside your community’s vicinity, including those delivering goods needing to get right after delivery.

Executing payments is easy. One is to send or transfer money from one GCash account to another live account. You can do that with delivery and payment is reflected real time. Another, if you are familiar how cashless transactions are done in the supermarkets, is through QR Codes.

Working with QR Codes
QR Codes can be generated from your app’s account by person delivering goods. The customer needs to scan QR Code from his GCash account. The exact price of item delivered is then reflected and then debited from buyer. All payment transactions are reflected on seller and buyer’s account real time, indicating exact amount transacted.

What is great about QR transactions, both buyer and seller gets an SMS confirming payment or debit transactions, reflecting actual sale digitally. For receipts, when you open GCash it comes with a digital leger, which you can browse or print for book keeping. Leger keeps track how much was paid, location of payment and what time payment or money cash in was exactly rendered.

Should delivery require cash payment, GCash includes physical ATM card option. It works with a regular security PIN number, but this needs to be reconciled with your GCash app first. It requires more extensive user bank type verification, but you can start using card in a few hours time.

What is great about GCash Send Money, if you are a business in dire need of a tested money transaction system, lets you do money transactions that you can safely monitor with your mobile devices. Once debit payment is received, even for those needing cash, amount reflected can even be encashed via ATM machine.

Digital Savings
And while every bsuiness needs a functional savings account for trasactions, GCash provides user option to open a savings account with interest. You can monitor account transactions from app, but mobile transaction are normally tracked with real time SMS alerts to account holder. GCash does not require a maintaining balance, allowing you to cash in or out any time to pay for things like utilities (electricity, water and subscription billings), shopping and even tax payments.

So, in a period where people are strictly restricted to stay home, avoid social contact to avoid COVID 19 virus infection, the best way to continue with your business is through cashless financial transactions. GCash can work wonders for paying utilities or even run small business, allowing you to safely cash in and out with bookepping accounting features keeping track of your transactions real time.

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