Hard Rock Cafe’ 2020: Back with hard rocking music, gastronomic classic party menu!

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Hard Rock Cafe’ 2020: Back with hard rocking music, gastronomic classic party menu!

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Hard Rock Cafe’ remains iconic with Filipinos. It is a perfect after office watering hole – both for diners and those counting on live band music. Banking on familiar all rock n’ roll theme, the new Hard Rock Cafe’ in Glorrietta, Makati City returns with a glorious menu to cap your day. Keeping resturant’s rockin’ burgers and classic edge-of-the-seat drinks, the restaurant’s global menu returns with a teasing big serving twist that would surely keep you rocking throughout your dinner dates with family or office friends coming out of a hectic week.

Crispy corn tortilla with spinach and artichoke dip

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Legendary Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs

NEW: 24 Karat Gold Leaf Burger

Still high on everyone’s menu choice stack up with legendary burger, which you can order with fries or with that speial 24-karat take everybody has been craving out-loud, big enough to share with familiar group diners looking for a neat place for classic band music, or simply to chill out! It is made with top of the line beef, home baked bread, fresh tomatoes (with cheese) and thick sliced warm French fries for a little palate momentum.

Nightly live rock bands to thrill your evenings the Hard Rock Cafe’s way!!

For those craving local cuisine, Hard Rock Cafe’s Sisig is phenomenal. While most order that for drinks, you can have it with rice before hitting the liquor witching hour. Hickory Smoked Rib, which is favorite even in other Hard Rock Cafe’s I have visited in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong, still top my choice for dining – better for a long nigh drinking haul. Cooked in sweet barbecue marinate, smoked ribs literally melts on your tongue. It is a great beer pair choice – rice included for anyone family dining on a weekend.

Dining adults, those coming from office or dinner dating on a humid Friday, you can get the party rolling ordering Spinach and Artichoke dip to go with crispy tortilla chips and house made pico de galio. If that does not make the post-office gastronomic kick, why not order the California-style Cobb Salad. Light and tasty, healthy salad is made of grilled chicken mixed with avocado, roasted corn, black beans, Moneterey Jack cheese, pomegranate seeds, and toasted pepitas served on a bed of creamy greensin ranch dressing. If that does not liven up your palate, then settle for menu’s three cheese and roma tomato topped with mozzarella, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese mixed with roman tomatoes and fressh basil showered with tasty cilantro pesto.

California Style Cobb Salad

For those needing to skip salad choices, a must try for a first order meal is Hard Rock Cafe’s Trufle Mushroom Pasta. Served warm with onion buttered toast, truffle pasta is sauteed cook with shitake mushroom, tartufata, farlic, onion, cream truffle oil and freshly grated parmessan cheese. Light creamy pasta cheese goes well even with beer, but a bottle of African wine make for a perfectly healthy meal.

Given Hard Rock Cafe’s all American restaurant reputation, a Friday out at the Hard Rock Cafe would not be complete sampling the new 24 Karat Gold Leaf Burger. It is made of premium grade beef burger, topped with a 24pkarat ediible gold leaf and served warm with American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and onion. It is a pefect meal for celebrations such as birthdays, baptism or maybe celebrate a co-worker’s career promotion or why not a marriage engagement set in motion.

Watering Hole: Hard rocking twist
Hard Rock Cafe’, apart from its gastronomic menu, is a great place for parties, company or group celebrations. And what is a celebration without hard rocking chilled drinks! Cafe’s beverage menu, apart from place’s best rocking beer mug drill, expands with new additions: Rockin’ Fresh Rita, Tropical Margarita (Patron Silver Tequila with fresh fruits flavors and Cointreau liqueur); Rhythm &Rose Mule (Absolut Vodka and Rose’ wine-based drink with ginger beer); Blackberry Sparkling Sangria (red wine with fresh flavours of blackberies, cranberry juice, orange squeeze and proseco); Espresso Martini (rich sweet Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua and fresh brewed espresso combo); Classic Carribean Mojito (Bacardi Superior Rum, mint, lime juice and sparkling soda, Anejo floater, and powdered sugar sprinkle); and Sparkling Blue Hawaiian (Malibu Coconut /rum, Absolut Citron Vodka-based with Blue Curacao);

For the ladies, and those craving for lighter shade of liquor, menu includes Banana Berry Colada (Malibu Coconut Rum, Bacardi Black, fresh banana, Monin strawberry and coconut cream); Passion Fruit Mai Tai (Tiki classic invented in the 1940s); and the Rock House Rum Punch (Bacardi Superior Rum, Bacardi Black, tropical juices and ginger beer).

Rock n’ Roll live Gigs
Rock parties remains a critical party theme for Hard Rock Cafe’s diners. It is a staple theme which begins from the original rock n’ roll iconic memorabillas hanging neatly across the restaurant’s walls, ceilings and music. Keeping up with Hard Rock Cafe’s funfare for pop rock live gigs, cafe does a slew rock bands playing mostly cover tracks from the 70s, 80s and even the 90s. It is a welcome veer from the usual dance track parties, a welcome trend to Makati’s young crowd looking for alternative nooks for great food, drinks and live band music.

Located on the second floor of what was once the NBA Store, the long dining stretch design of Hard Rock Cafe’ Makati mirrors what most fans of the 80s remember about this popular weekend watering hole. Keeping pace with international cafe’s original design, a souvenir shop can be found on the first floor. It is a great place to wait for friends while enjoying some of store’s hanging iconic rock n’ roll memorabillas.

Bannering classic slogans “Take Time to Be Kind”, “SAve the Planet”, “All is One”, and “Love All, Serve All”, Hard Rock Cafe Makati’s 621 sqm main dining area offers a throwback to what everyone remembers morea bout the cafe – particularly the Adriatico branch in Malate, Manila. Nostalgic feeling, along with Hard Rock Cafe’s expanded food and drink menu, overwhelmingly resonates with cafe’s very friendly (knowledgeable) staff and crew.

The cafe is literally a live music room, but offering a gastronomic menu fit for a Friday party gathering. Hard Rock Cafe, for those who have made cafe a part of their youth and career working days, retains its charming 80’s club dining scene ambience. It is what makes cafe a work of art, a fly through an era celebrating life with good good, company and live rock n’ roll music!

Hard Rock Cafe, which is present in over 76 countries spanning 262 locations that include Casinos, Rock Shops and Cafes, is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with Eric Clapton, Hard Rock Cafe’s owns. The world’s most valuable collection of music memorabilla at more than 83,000 pieces, displayed in all its cafe and restaurant’s global locations.

Truffle Mushroom Pasta

Spicy Vongole Pasta

For more details about the classic 80’s dining and music restaurant and cafe, bigtito.net suggest logging or visiting this website: www.hardrock.com or shop.hardrock.com

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