HealthSolutions, Armstrong Medical launch FD140i in PH 

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HealthSolutions, Armstrong Medical launch FD140i in PH 

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Armstrong FD140i

Dr. Parjam Zolfaghari

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Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy and high-flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) are two therapies that provide effective respiratory support to patients in the hospital setting. These non-invasive treatments help ensure proper airway functions for those who are suffering from acute respiratory failure and other respiratory emergencies, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic wherein non-invasive ventilation has become a crucial component of patient care.

One problem encountered by most hospitals today is the need to maintain different systems just to be able offer both treatments to patients. Not only will they need to purchase different devices, but the operational costs of using these different devices can also result to more expenses. For patients that might require both treatments, transitioning from HFOT to CPAP can also be very inconvenient, and even a few seconds of not getting respiratory support can become fatal.

To help Philippine hospitals address these problems, HealthSolutions, the country’s leading marketer and distributor of medical equipment and supplies, and Armstrong Medical have launched in the Philippines the AquaVENT FD140i, a dual therapy flow driver that offers both CPAP and HFOT in a single device. The virtual launch took place last March 10 over Zoom.

The most notable feature of the AquaVENT FD140i is being able to deliver CPAP and HFOT all in one compact device. It allows seamless transitions between the two therapies, improving the quality of care for patients. In addition, with the AquaVENT FD140i, there is no need for different systems, and it can be used by a wide range of departments in the hospital, reducing overall costs.

In addition to these benefits, the AquaVENT FD140i comes with multiple innovative features that make it easier for healthcare professionals to manage their patients’ respiratory needs. It has a therapy timer that assists with early assessment, a respiratory rate indicator, alarms for pressure and apnea, and an indicator that highlights patients’ work of breathing and helps with setting optimal flow rates, all accessible through an optimized touch-screen monitor.

Aside from the launch of AquaVENT FD140i, a discussion on CPAP and HFOT was also led by Dr. Parjam Zolfaghari, a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia for Barts Health NHS Trust in London. In his presentation, Dr. Zolfaghari talked about the pros and cons of both CPAP and HFOT, including when it is best to use each treatment. He was joined by Armstrong Medical’s Sales and Marketing Director Nigel Armstrong and Armstrong Medical’s product educator David McCready, who both talked about the HFOT and CPAP capabilities of the AquaVENT FD140i.

The AquaVENT FD140i by Armstrong Medical is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by HealthSolutions. To learn more about this and other products offered by HealthSolutions, visit the official website at

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