High end features for the consumer budget friendly Huawei Y6p

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High end features for the consumer budget friendly Huawei Y6p

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In Review: Huawei Y6p (midrange smartphone)

key features of the Huawei Y6p:
  • Bigger/Larger storage – 4+64GB RAM and ROM
  • Big battery/larger battery life – 5000mAh (one time full charging, reverse charge to other devices)
  • 13MP+5MP wide angle +2MP depth angle triple camera
  • Low SRP/price is very affordable
  • Colorful design
  • 6.3 inches DewDrop Display
  • Huawei AppGallery
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Gone are the days with entry level smartphones going haywire. It has greatly improved. Smartphones from Asia, the past five years,  have incorporated high end Artificial Intelligence leaning features.

A perfect example is the Huawei Y6, with its bragging long and fast charging battery design, has been hailed for its grand camera cap by handset’s user friendly features. Detailed for the mid-range income earner, Huawei Y6p aims to please with its multitasking capacity – allowing anyone using device to navigate through different programs made specifically for easy management of either work or entertainment chores.

That said, and you can count on the Y6p for lengthy multitasking, Huawei is extending some of its P series design on this magnificent compact Android smarty.

But what is really good about the Huawei Y6p? Size and weight matters for one! Barel the sizze of your palm, the Huawei Y6 offers a candid grip for anyone taking work wirelessly – basically allowing you to magnificy and manage multiple chores with a single device on hand.

Top with long lasting battery life, averaging two to three days with constant social media or internet triggered functions active. Phone calls, with data active, noticeably uses less battery life, making it a handy on-foot Android talker for errands.

Posing standard nearly 6-inch full HD dew drop screen design, the Y6p is an eye pleaser with its compact design and light size built you can carry phone from jeans pocket.

Speaking of improvements, for those who love to shoot selfie images, the Y6 comes with a publication quality crisp camera that outstands other midrange branded devices. There are three other group supporting cameras from the rear, but this is more convenient for video shoots or product shots requiring more picturesque details.

In fairness to Huawei, for those who candidly use their smartphones for social media or for blogging and video blogging, this Huawei mainstream smarty shoots vividly beautiful calendar type pictures. It brings out more the tone red, blue and subtle white. Either cameras, back and front, is best explored shooting in black and white – and that sharply applies for creative video clips.

Huawei devices, including the Y6p, has enough file space internally to shoot lengthy videos and images. It is expandable, but you can pre-edit raw images or videos from internal files. It is that quick and easy – and it works even with a third party app you can fast download from the newly launched Huawei App Gallery. Latest Huawei handsets, including the Matepad and P series, will get the new app gallery that is more personalize to Huawei designed gadgets.

There are plenty of app choices. All you need is a little creativity for your post production or entertainment choices. The Y6p benefits from this software kit upgrade, making it even more powerful for unplanned creative work for office and school work. Streaming, even on a pre-paid set broadband, remains crisp clear for Zoom or Google Meet. It does not stall, even if that meant micro managing other active mobile apps seeking user attention.

It means that you with Y6p you can do a handful things like video stream, browse research, check emails or social media status while performing one or two active functions like video calls. E-gaming is seamless with Y6. It does not heat up.

And while battery juicing seem higher, this is relatively minimal to affect other active phone or app functions. For movies, the Y6p’s 6.3 inch dewdrop display is stellar bringing on cinematic perspective.

It features video in its exact aspect ratio – no screen omissions. And for an Android smartphone below the 10k price range, the Y6 is a surefire charmer! You can buy it with fancy body covers, wallpapers or keep it simply black and white formal. It is generally app compatible particularly for editing apps, gaming and movie streaming sites from Huawei App Gallery.

In terms of file extension compatibility, for those transferring files between devices, the Huawei Y6 is file protected for any kind of virus anomalies. At any rate, user approved file transfer between a phone to say a laptop is relatively faster. Encryptions can be set from phone settings or you can add anti-virus suggsted for Huawei devices. Either way, Huawei users have plenty of software choices for heavy handset mutitaskers.

Data stored from phone, again for heavy users llike people into video blogging, Huawei provides a cloud options for digital storage. The Y6 is set for that purpose, basically allowing you to keep files in cloud instead of physical external drive. Designed for lengthy outdoor or indoor work or play, Huawei Y6p’s 5000mAh battery gets you 20-hours of internet 3G or 4G surfing and call time. Initial tests, with active on-line gaming, zoom and video streaming got us minimally 24 hours.

The Y6p even supports one way reverse charging so it can even charge other devices at your disposal, while on post production. It runs on latest EMUI 10.1 program, making it seamless for any multitasking screen tasks presented real time. The Y6p is meant to be user friendly you can operate it with a single had screen tasking. It is that easy or simple for anyone who loves to mix work, lifestyle and entertainment with a single Android functional smartphone that reflects their personality.

Huawei Y6p: Complete technical specifications


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