Tech brand Hisense raise bar launching first 100” Full Laser 4K projected TV in the Philippines

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Tech brand Hisense raise bar launching first 100” Full Laser 4K projected TV in the Philippines

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A Big First for Hisense!

Global innovator Hisense formally launched in the Philippines the first 100” 4K Laser Television. Laser TV, as the designer tech name describes technology, brings to your homes the 4K cinematic standard you would normally enjoy movies from a digital IMAX Theater.

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Dubbed Hisense 100L10E, this projected 4K TV features state-of-the-art laser light projector technology called X-Fusion, a brand new TV engine that banks on laser technology the emits execeptional picture quality and color output, which is more cinematic grainy that standard video clarity traditional projectors screen using standard light bulbs.

Lead for Hisense technology
Hisense technology experts said this particular technology banks on what it calls a dual red and blue colors laser system that is capable of creating a wider color gamut. And since laser can emitt higher lumens, Hisense’s 4K Tv design can actually be used during daylilght. It is what gives laser projector the unparalleled capacity to project clearest of 4K imaging on a 100” screen right inside your home theater living room, better yet for live outdoor presentations. Designed with what Hisense call Ultra Short THrow Laser Projection System, brand’s in-house designed 100L10E’s projector has the capacity to cast actual 4K image at 100 degrees in size, even if projector is situated only 8-inches away from wall.

The effect of which provides smooth motion, exceptional screen detail complimenting TV’s Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution. Another feature, which contributes to imaging’s more detailed projection, is TV’s optimized ambient light rejecting screen complimenting the laser projector. What it does, for those expecting to enjoy the best cinematic projection from their living room’s theater screening space, ensure light causes only minimal display alteration. The effect of which allows screen to vividly show big, bold, beautiful viewing projection from any angle. With laser technology in use, Hisense designed TV with a safety sensor that disrupts projection when viewer gets too close to screen.

Smart TV with laser tech twist
Laser technology compliments with Smart TV design powered by Vidaa U, a Hisense-owned operating system, providing simplified screen interface for user’s easy navigation between live apps competing for streaming exposure. Teanscending with that IMAX theater home design, Hisense complimented viewing experience with Harman Kardon speakers. It has fourteen speakers embedded into console, partnered with a separate wireless subwoofer creating completely surround sound cinematic digital experience.

Must buy for your home
Truly, the Hisense 100L10E 4K Laser TV is THE BEST option in the Flat Smart TV market today. Imagine yourself with the Hisense Laser TV in its 100-inch visual glory, while watching action packed basketball replays, or getting lost in the virtual gaming world, or simply indulging in your best-loved movie flicks like you would attending a red carpet gala night. Enjoy IMAX laser type TV screening in the comforts of your flat. Visit and learn more about Hisense laser TV technology, log on to

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