How I got around domestic expenses while on community locked down?

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How I got around domestic expenses while on community locked down?

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Getting locked down was the last thing on my mind! Three weeks earlier, I was in Bicol, taking a supposedly unplanned vacation break. That did not happen. I ended up, after getting early warning from media friends of a pending community quarantine in Metro Manila, rushing back to the city. I got home Friday, but unlike most who got safely home, I got stucked in New Manila, Quezon City following a Monday errand needing immediate tending.

I left a house in Novaliches, with my dog Patricia fending for herself. It was a dreadful scenario, thinking what might happend to my house, let alone my house dog of eight years, who was not getting fed properly. Add to that, since lockdown did hit a few days before bills day, the challenge of paying my bills. And I was particularly concerned with my electricity, water and credit card billings.

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Cash In everywhere, anytime. Everything made easy for Filipino consumers

All that apprehension disappeared when I learned more about GCash Send Money. I was a veteran of cashing in, for my writing sidelines, and the ATM. Sending money (without using cash) was something new to me, and it made my life a lot easier, being able to pay for things that normally require going to bank or meeting people.

Unable to go home, I began reaching out to my home neighbors, particularly my house “katiwala” for errands. And this required money to get some house chores done. I started networking with my house helper, who was constantly on-line, busy with social media and Tik Tok.

I needed to send money quickly, but banks from my area were either too far, or terminally closed for duration of lockdown. So, I talked my kasambahay to download the GCash application. That way, since I maintained a GCash account myself, I could frequently send money to her, for unexpected house expenses (dog food, house cleaning and subdivision billings).

It was an easy drill, and since my kasambahay loved downloading apps. GCash seem like downloading Tiktok for the long lockdown haul. I taught my kasambahay to register her phone number with GCash. I started sending money from my mobile phone account. It was that easy, and she was happy, because she need not go outside to receive “sahod” money.

GCash Send Money, like app’s other useful financial services, is tracked real time. It means that for every money I transferred, both sender and receiver can keep track of their account in real time. GCash automatically e-mails every transaction to sender and recipient.

GCash, to ensure house expenses reach my kasambahay directly, includes real time accounting. It details every trasaction in a digital list. Data even indicates where GCash debit payment or send money transaction was done. That includes time, so my kasambahay cannot make up stories not having received money.


GCash Send Money is practical for anyone needing to pay even utilities. Since my helper received all my printed domestic billings, I simply ask to take photo of billings she sends through my FB Messaging box, pay for it through GCash. For subdivision service fees (guards, lights and water), I simply send money via GCash to pay fees. At any rate, for easy payment, with most people locked down from their homes, I even taught my mineral water delivery to open a GCash account for direct payments.

Apart from billing, I discovered GCash Send Money can be used to send allowances for my small one, my other half, who is quarantined in the province. While I did time for them to get ATM cards for their GCash accounts, receiving money without lining up in a bank or an ATM keeps me confident my family is safer transacting their needs from home, using cashless point to point payments for food, utilities and even savings.

The most convenient Send Money feature, and this is useful for emergency expenses, is express send that links up with a designated or affiliated bank account. It only takes sometime to verify link, but what matters more is being able to transfer fund to a bank from GCash app. I find that useful whenever I travel by bus, now that I am in quarantined mode, because it allows myself to send money to a GCash account or bank at any given time. It simplifies life for user without the costly miscellaneous or transaction bank charges.

So, with my GCash app active, I can now ensure my house, including feeding my house dog Patricia, is being taken cared of. I can similarly sit back knowing my family is receiving budget support from the corners of their quarantined community.

To download the GCash App, please refer to the following stores:

1.) Google Play:

2.) Apple Appstore:

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