Huawei Watch GT 2e: Our First Look!

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Huawei Watch GT 2e: Our First Look!

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* NEW Huawei (Self Wearable) Kirin A1 dual chipset

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* 1.39 inch AMOLED Android High Definition (HD) Display

* Unibody watch design + new strap colors (Red Lava /Mynt Green/ Black)

* Smart Power Saving 2.0: Software enables two weeks (14-days) battery life

* 100 workout modes (85 custom workout modes (e.g. rock climbing, parkour, street dancing, swimming and skateboarding..), 15 professional workout modes) and
Automatic workout detection (VO2Max4/CPO2/ Tru Relax Breathing and Better Sleep Monitoring)

* Play Music: Wireless Music Players (can  to 5save up to 500 songs) connects to any Bluetooth wireless earbuds/headphones)

* Real Time Notifications Incoming( Calls/ SMS/ E-Mails/ Calendar/ Weather Forecast)

* Waterproof 

Huawei Philippines launched today it’s latest flagship smartwatch the Huawei Watch GT 2e

BIG TITO’s summer unboxing settles with the brand new Huawei Watch GT 2e smartwatch. It is a high-tech sportswatch with GPS, heart rate monitoring health features. And it is a follow up to 2019’s phenomenal Huawei Watch GT 2.

Like previous Huawei digital smartwaches, the Huawei Watch GT 2e elegantly shnes with slide up black gift box. Big Tito was fortunate to review the RED LAVA variant, of which a printed image of smartwatch is front printed on box with official name printed in silky gold fonts alongside Huawei logo. There are two other strap variants (you can buy separately) the mynt green and standard black.

Check out state of the art charging docking pad.

Box contains three small carton pockets. Watch sits cleanly in the middle, giving you that elegant wow impression at first glance. It is a nice surprise gift element, particularly when you lift watch out of its socket. Neighboring enclosed pockets contains the manual guide (how to operate watch?) and portable wireless round charger dock + Type-C chord for fast charging.

Once watch is lifted off its rack, the stunning red lava strap definitely hits your eyesight. It is an exciting first preview, something I would relate taking first glimpse of the Huawei P40 series. Unlike previous classic Huawei watch strap design, the GT 2e innovates with brand new strap with partitioned skin holes, obviously to allow skin to breath while watch is wrap on it lengthily.

Green light scans for body’s vital signs (heartbeat, stress.level, and oxygen level)

Strap design easily fits, making a perfect skin to bone wrist hold, without that cloaking leathery skin feeling, which can irritate skin. It can be adjusted to wrist size, no pressure felt since punctured strap design lets your skin breath. And it is, noticeably, not irritating to sweaty or wet skin. It is great for outdoor or pool swimming workouts.

Elegantly stylish with that flashy teel fonish

The watch’s main round frame is noticeably bigger compared to other branded watches in the market. It is a welcome face size upgrade, allowing user more screen visibility while in motion. It is a compliment to laborious routine exercises, big face screen comes handy managing touch screen features on purpose.

For those traditionally clocking their workouts or walk phasing, the two provided side buttons, which most people for stopwatch timing, has been given a smaller button design, making it easy to operate sine if watch’s featured functions from these traditional finger touch points.

Huawei Watch GT 2e’s unibody body design is a mixture of fine grade stainless steel, plastic and rubber materials. Main watch is AMOLED screen, similar to Huawei smartphone’s scratch free touch screens, that is perfect for finger touch screen operations. It is scratch free. It is water resistant, which means watch is anti-sweat and great for pool swim lapses, but not for pressured deep sea diving.

Watch rubber straps are removable. And you can switch straps with three other sporty-fashionable variants Red, Green and Black. Straps, apart from what is in the box, are sold seperately. Strap together, Huawei Watch GT 2e is exceptionally lighter for a stainless steel designer sports watch.

Huawei’s smart watch design requires downloading designated Health Application. While mobile app is best operated with a Huawei smartphone, Health App can similarly be downloaded or is compatible with any Android smartphone.

Huawei Watch GT T2e automatically boot up (in less than 2 seconds) right after app connection is established. It is a one app drill, where watch can be programmed to auto send workout data collected to app for your health analysis.

Big Tito shares its larger than life positive impression on Huawei’s topping sportswatch: Huaweu Watch GT T2e. Check out the highlighting unboxing details of this amazing smartwatch with out video collage reflecting Tito E’s “first impression”.

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