Huawei Y6p: Budget Friendly Smartphone Choice!

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Huawei Y6p: Budget Friendly Smartphone Choice!

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Smartphones are getting more sophisticated. And they need not be expensive like Apple iPhone to enjoy high end features. Take for example the Huawei Y6p. It is an entry level Android smartphone rendering with familiar 6 inch screen HD screen everbody wants for a fully functional multitasking handset.

Three rear camera set up

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The Y6p, taking its more home brand features, evolves with a designated app gallery designed specifically for Huawei devices. That should tell you, when you buy the Huawei Y6p, you are getting a well cared smartphone. I say this since Huawei put up its own cloud storage for anyone using a Huawei gadget. It is easy to use, basically self taught before you know it you have a fully registered cloud account. What that does is help you store files on a server type account you can open with any Android devices. Huawei tops that chocie of course, and it gives you access to any sizing files that may not be practical storing on your smartphone.

Files like videos or edited materials that may have been previously used, may easily eat up on phone in house storage – let alone slow down phone’s actual function while on broadband. And for an Android handset with a long battery life, what it is really meant for is real time communication. The Y6p, since Huawei positioned this entry level smarty for students working or studying from home, is best used for video streaming or group/ class videos. Initial tests make the Y6p one of the user friendly alternatives for apps like zoom or FB messenger videos.

Huawei app gallery deducated to support all your multitasking app needs

Either group video apps, which has become in demand since lockdown started last March 2020, are glitch or stall free using on this Huawei device. Running on a typical 10mbps broadband run, the Y6p can smoothly take an actively sending e-mail with photo attachment), active zoom and FB page with video messaging rolling. While that may sound draining, it does little to eat up on phone battery. While charging can whip up more time plugged in, once charging concludes it sails lengthily with workload you will not even notice you have finished a bunch of tasks with a single active handset. Social media, with Huawei taking a new app gallery instead of Google, seem more convenient taking to download Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It takes you you to a link from gallery, where you can simply download fast the app. YouTube can be tricky using without app, but the Y6p demostrates how fast and reliable it can be opening said video app from browser. There is little difference watching all of those trending YouTube videos or even uploading some of your video content on your channel account. What is best about the app gallery, it does not exactly require hooking up on a specified email address to download apps on chart. Having that makes it so much fun and easy using the app gallery, which has a number of alternative apps for writing, post production, imaging or video editing.

Fashion trendy smartphone design

Gaming is included with ption. But youcan actually browse for other alternative apps for entertainment. E-mails can be set up similarly for your work or school reports. It is part of the phone’s functions. And it is easy to use when downloading attachments or sending one to your school instructor on a busy Friday lunch hour. In-house memory is expandable but I find it friendlier taking the cloud account you can always open from your computer or another device instead of uploading from USB. The Y6p easily connects with either a postpaid or shared prepaid internet account firing up from another device or home set up broadband. And you can set up security measures, including third party apps that can monitor phone activity against phising or typical email viruses, even while you are actively taking zoom classes. The y6ps rear and front cameras, from our prepaid internet trials, can visually detail classroom set ups. It is vividly clear for image pushed images while audio generally provides crisp sound. Sound and video quality can vary with your area’s broadband reach. Huawei Y6p adjusts to best streaming level, avoiding lags typical of other entry level Andoid devices.

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