Huawei Y7A: Fast booting, wide screen handset for the work from home pinoy multitasker

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Huawei Y7A: Fast booting, wide screen handset for the work from home pinoy multitasker

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In FULL Review: Huawei Y7A (Android Smartphone)

Taking the Huawei Y7A for a spin makes a lot of sense, particularly for those needing a dependable smartphone for digital multitasking. It is a dependable smartphone that can withstand pressure doing constant wireless webinars, banking and pre or post production features detailed for a work from home setting. Huawei Y7a is a practical smartphone for just that!

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Full Screen + Powerful Engine (Processor)
It is a great having a bigger 6.67 Full High Definition (FHD) screen + Kirin 710A processor with 4GB of RAM. A wider phone screen gives more eye space to manage a variety of active apps, particularly when shifting between live apps – particularly for webinars like Zoom, editing feature articles and uploading a blog feature. It means more details not only for movies or raw videos being edited. It allows you to efficiently do fund transfers on a mobile devices. Add to this spectacle the Kirin 710A processor, which is eight times more powerful processing a dozen apps competing for user attention, preventing stalls for critical transactions such as money transfers.

Bigger FHD screen matched with a powerful engine certainly makes sense for anyone multitasking on a single active Android smartphone – letting you juggle succeeding webinars while editing short videos for YouTube channels. Huawei Y7A does that with ease and precision, meaning it would not let you down during heavy webinar traffic hours. And, noticeably, it does not heat up for long hauls while on-line. Screen app shifting, even on a prepaid internet, is generally smooth and manageable.

Full HD + Flat Screen TV experience
Who has time to watch movies from home? Most shift app time with their handheld smartphones. Huawei Y7A is no different, but it delivers that kind of cinematic aspect ratio mobile effect. It plays video files in crisp FHD, offerring vivid colors, texture and it fits the screen – no details left out. Videos shot in lower 720P format, when played on Y7A, gets projected to closest FHD screen quality, including digital audio files. It is a welcome feature for anyone reviewing donwloaded films on their mobile devices. The same experience is captured when watching FHD videos live streaming on HBOGO, Netflix or popularly YouTube.

Bigger Stoage Approach
Huawei Y7A takes off with a bigger storage. Apart from the 4GBRAM, which is more than enough for apps, an extra 128GB is provided. This should do for those habitually downloading or shooting raw video or recording audio files for digital publishing. It is a perfect add on for phone post production like editing, which develop huge amount of extended audio or image files for each render. If you think internal storage is not enough, cloud storage is an option you can get on first boot. Cloud storage is virtually practical keeping raw images or finished products you can go back to for references with an encrypted Android setting. External storage, which is friendly to Huawei Y7a, comes handy keeping device from eventually stalling from having accumulated internal files cramming system.

Big Camera Zoom Takeaway
A DSLR camera works well in a work from home setting, particularly for webinars. Huawei Y7a conveniently sails with four quad type cameras. The main camera, which I found crisp and color dashing shooting those silky landscapes after a typhoon, offers the perfect table calendar quality images for your blogs or publication websites. The back camera takes the higher 4MP + f/1.8 DSLR camera features. It is perfect shooting set collages, making it useful for random product and studio shoots. It lets you capture vividly and with AI precision – none of the shady or tipsy shot affair. Adjusting zoom reach can be done from screen like you would an app. While it is best shooting zoom scale with tripod, there is conveniently less noise even with hand held shots. Front camera gets the 8MP / f/2.4 spec + 120 degrees ultra wide angle. It is publication ready with Huawei’s ultra wide camera design, perfectly capturing those candid group shot without a selfie stick. In addition, for a little stylish effect, two 2MP /f/2.4 Huawei is added for depth and macro imaging. It is that detailed, making Huawei Y7a useful for anyone shape shifting between outdoor shooting and post production work with a powerful Android smartphone.

No power issues
Huawei made sure the Y7a will not stall. It is a handset that performs with a 5000MaH rechargeable battery. Feature includes fast charging brick charger + chord specifically designed for Huawei Y7a. Using another charger reverts to normal lengthy charging. A single 30 minute charge gets you more than 70 percent battery life, perfect for anyone constantly working while on the go. It gets the job done without worrying about re-charging in the middle of day. It allows you to shoot or do production work even while outdoors. No need to carry extra batteries.

Production camera features
Speaking of cameras, Huawei Y7a advances with 48mp main camera + 8mp ultra wide (selfie) camera. They come assisted with two other 2mp camera for depth and for macro imaging. It works like a combo, so when you take product shoots it gets help from landscape or macro point. Landscape images, particularly those taken with natural daylight, becomes more immersive with DSLR depth of field character. Quad type tailing cameras make for a handy DSLR the size of a notepad. Images are crisp on first takes for group or selfies. There is almost no room for flaws, except when shooting in dark, which can be tricky without stage lighting available. The front camera, normally reserved for selfies or quick (but crisp) ID type photos, could match that of a glossy calendar take. It is that clear, smooth and easy to shoot after switching phone live. First timer shooters will get a kick out of the Huawei Y7a, and it comes with user friendly apps best downloaded from the newly launched Huawei App Gallery.

Professional body finish
The Huawei Y7a is a huge smartphone. The rear body is made of hard plastic, but it is hardly noticeable with its sleek form. Side rim gets smooth steel finish blend, offering a quick hand grasp, with fingerprint scanner accessible for righ finger point’s reach. But Fingerprint unlockingin takes a fraction of a second, rejecting any scan breach. While moist finger tips can be tricky you can easily revert to traditional screen set pin code. Gorilla Glass protectects main screen. It is scratch proof but the back needs protective covering. Body is not smudge free, but you simply wipe clean with felt cloth.

Gaming friendly
While Huawei Y7a is not my choice for egames, it can sufficiently withstand live stream beating egame. FHD screen adjustment provides the best color gamut detail, making it more subjective – if not immersive than watching Lord of the Rings on 4K setting. It is flawlessly lag free for Mobile Legends. It is made possible because of Huawei’s Kirin processor, with its energy saving features, allowing device to mix manage game apps along finance apps like GCash, PayMaya and bank apps taking real time share of 4G/ 5G LTE connectivity.

Big Tito: Our Suggestion
The Huawei Y7a is an Android smartphone efficiently designed for multitasking. It is a fast booting, energy saving everyday handset for video streaming, post and pre production works and calls/texting. It is a joy working a variety of apps, be it for banking, e-shopping, with a Full High Definition (FHD) wide screen handset offerring more details not only for streamable videos and egames. Cameras have improved greatly shooting TV production ready output. It has fast charging features that makes it handy for lengthy video calls, video editing and shooting events. And there are plenty of WFH apps you can download from Huawei App Gallery. Huawei’s Kirin 710a processor cuts through normal web traffic stalls, allowing you to slide gently between active apps while tending a live webinar or shifting writing without turning off any live app. The Y7a’s slim body and pristine steel finish cut make for a fancy, sleek smartphone choice. It is light, flashy with a firm hand grip texture for extra hold. Security evolves with side fingerprint unlock scanner, numberical pin – both can be activated on first boot.

Huawei Y7A: Technical Features / Specifications

Huawei Y7a (4G LTE) specs:
VariantL Midnight Black, Crush Green, Bllush Gold
Engine: Kirin 710A Octa Core Processor
Storage: 128GB
Display Size: 6.67 inches FHD (2400×1080) / IPS Display

Camera Variants: Quad Type
• 48MP f/1.8 main
• 8MP f/2.4 120-degrees ultra-wide
• 2MP f/2.4 depth
• 2MP f/2.4 macro
8MP f/2.0 front camera

Wi-Fi Type: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Type: 5.1 GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Heeadphone design: 3.5mm headphone jack
Security: In-display fingerprint scanning
Battery type: 5,000mAh battery
Charger type: Fast charger 22.5W
Port Type: TYpe C
WEight: 20g grams
USB Type-C port

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