Huawei Y7a: First Tito Impression

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Huawei Y7a: First Tito Impression

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First Impressions: Huawei Y7A

More than usual sleek, fancy multitasking Android smartphone

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Huawei is releasing another consumer price friendly Android smartphone. Donning the same square multiple camera back design, Huawei Y7A should tease those needing an affordable handset that pretty much a high end phone.

Matching bigger 6.67 inch Full High Definition (FHD) dsiplay common to Android 2020 devices, Huawei Y7a is a far cry to other mainstream Android devices. For one, if you look the phone’s glaring specs, it sports awinning Kirin 710A processor + 4GB RAM. That should tell you are picking a good smartphone to match those app sizing requirements some devices have trouble managing from a bad engine.

That is not case for a Kirin type processor. And, frankly, A 4GB RAM is more than enough getting those sought after alternative apps from Huawei App Gallery without storage issues in long run. And it comes with bigger storage, an etra 128GB storage for all your photos – including videos. Having those features in your list should tell you the Huawei Y7a is ideal not just for raw shoots, but for post-production video production. It is a winner choice for fast video grabs, fast edits and social media file deployment.

Power is not even an issue. The Huawei Y7a sits on a built in 5,000mAh battery. While it is not exactly the fastest, it efficiently powers all your multitasking needs for more than a day with active apps on screen. And charging does not warm up, ensuring user protection even while fast charging and taking live phone. Charger is 22 Watts, perfect for anyone on the go!

In terms of design, let us face it the legnthy elongated flat screen offers a nice video screen, with ripe color gamut mixing red, blue and green, that is perfect for streaming videos on Netflix. Shooting gets same photo finish features, which is even more striking printing whatever images shot with camera.

Offerring a very slim body form, with its light steel finish, makes the Huawei Y7a a fashion beast. It is light, flashy but elegantly sleek in your hands. It could easily pair for a high end smartphone design, but get this ahead the spec for Y7a does sport high end features like the Kirin processor, back and front cameras fit for a king.

Speaking of camera works, the Huawei Y7a literally speak up with a whoppiong 48mp main camera, 8mp ultra wide camera and 2mp depth and macro camera. Combine these Quad type cameras make for a handy DSLR the size of a mini notebook. Images are crisp on first take on either rear or selfie mode. There is almost no room for flaws, except for when shooting in dark, which can be tricky shooting without staged lighting available.

The front camera, normally reserved for selfies or quick (but crisp) ID type photos, could match that of a glossy calendar take. It is that clear, smooth and easy to shoot with after switching phone live. Any first timer shooter will get a kick out of the Huawei Y7a, and it comes with user friendly apps best downloaded from the newly launched Huawei App Gallery.

Marketed with three excellent variants namely Midnight Blak, Crush Green and Blush Gold, the Huawei Y7a is a standout for anyone wanting to make good impression. It is office to fashion gazing that is a satisfying head turner. Huawei Y7a is a fast booting device, making it easy changing phone tasks on any given day – whether it is indoor or outdoor – the Y7a gets the job done for you!

The Huawei Y7a is a 4G LTE smartphone. It works fast and seamless with either 3G LTE design of telco Globe or Smart. It is compatible with most file extensions, particularly for digital imaging and videos. It is app compatible with social media softwares or post production apps, making it a handy device for outdoor shoots and post-prod work for things like video presentations for products and clienteles.

Huwer Y7a, in terms of applicable user security, sports an in screen fingerprint scanner. It is a welcome feature that makes it easy accessing phone apps with minimal touchscreen slide movements.

Big Tito is about to give the Huawei Y7a a full test review. Will be back with out best Tito perspective in a weeeks time. Watch out for it on

Huawei Y7a (4G LTE) specs:
VariantL Midnight Black, Crush Green, Bllush Gold
Engine: Kirin 710A Octa Core Processor
Storage: 128GB
Display Size: 6.67 inches FHD (2400×1080) / IPS Display

Camera Variants: Quad Type

• 48MP f/1.8 main
• 8MP f/2.4 120-degrees ultra-wide
• 2MP f/2.4 depth
• 2MP f/2.4 macro

8MP f/2.0 front camera

Wi-Fi Type: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Type: 5.1 GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Heeadphone design: 3.5mm headphone jack
Security: In-display fingerprint scanning
Battery type: 5,000mAh battery
Charger type: Fast charger 22.5W
Port Type: TYpe C
WEight: 20g grams
USB Type-C port

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