Is it really the end of Star Wars?

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Is it really the end of Star Wars?

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Cast: Billy Dee Williams, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford

Director: J.J. Abrams

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Review by Edsel Lorete


Is it an ending for Star Wars? Not exactly! And it does not set that way with Rey or saga’s integral main characters Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca or its decorated villains the Sith Lord Palpatine. Darth Vader may have slip out three chapters behind, but in the supposed final chapter Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker there is penty of insightful suggestion for a fresh beginning. It is not saying a happy ending is called for this movie, but considering Star Wars is a Disney property an wholesome ending is frankly inevitable. But like most blockbuster Star War movie, this particular chapter directed by J.J. Abrams, sail with unexpected plot surprises. While that may not sound much teasing, and this holds true with past Star Wars movies, Abram’s fancied directing make for a worthy weekend family watch. What most people should realize, before watching movie with your kids who have much to learn about the George Lucas penned saga, sharing insights on Star Wars and its legendary character will help greatly in enjoying movie. Star Wars: The Rise of Sywalker is easy to watch, but it is mindful of past events that molded what Rey will endure with resurrected Sith – in particular Palpatine’s rise from oblivion. The First Order, as featured in the last chapter, will have its reigning day in this picture. Rey, the lone Jedi coming after her training with reclusive Master Jedi Luke Skywalker, definitely shines in ways Luke did eternally. It is chasing on the winds of a passive ending, a reconciliation of sorts that bring back memories of the old Star Wards. Abrams did stake out his camera’s lenses with what Star Wars fans remember well about Star Wars. It is a carefree exploration of the force’s soul – with that Star Wars’ characters who have shaken up the dark force for one exciting galactic fight scene. Rey, to phase up with her Jedi roots, will face up with a returning evil entity reckoning on a biological reality. How that came about in this supposed mother ending Star Wars movie distills with Abram’s creative measurement to bring a stellar closure any Star Wars fans will talk about for years. It is a phasing that runs similar with Rogue One, which tickled force fans who missed the middle chapter Star Wars that began saga. Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, and Billy Dee Williams shape up this concluding ending. While that may run similar to how Empire Strikes Back ended, Abrams made good fancy plot tweaks that keeps you endging for more. Having said that should offer a finer snippet into several grand plotting that measure up kindly to the origianl George Lucas scripted Star Wars finale.

It is not for everyone to see or enjoy Star Wars. There is a generation gap between range of present and generation Star Wars fans that followed movie to their adult life. But Star Wars managed to live on, even with new characters setting a new trend and practically deleting what most love characters like Han Solo and then Luke Skywalker. Will they live to see the Star Wars tale thrive? It is something Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker strives to deliver. It is not an easy billing task taking, with younger audience seeking to understand what the entire is all about, and with chapter character practically ageing playing role that had lived on terminally in comic form but in their youhful persona. Will the Star Wars saga end?  The teaser play on that inevitble possibility. But if you ask me, given concluding film’s teasing geeky title, and when you get to see film roll with Skywalker’s supposed point of enlightenment, it may not necessarily be taken to be a grand ending. It is safe saying the Jedi may need to rest for awhile, and JJ Abrams seem to have fashion that direction with respectful sense to audience sensitive – particularly my 80s generation who grew up with Star Wars. The Last Jedi sequel was not exactly Star Wars storyline friendly. It was missing some forcible elements fans wanted to see out in the picture. JJ Abrams brought it back in this last chapter, with no less than Emperor Palpatine resurrected from immortality. How that came about, and it is a welcome push back to classic Star Wars, remains a mystery for George Lucas to tell another day. What makes Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, if you are a true blue fan of the franchise (or its characters), is getting a fresh feel of what each and every Star Wars geek have made their duty following George Lucas or Star Wars saga for decades! Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, as a fair warning to storyline details, is best watch with a general character and storyline knowledge of the entire Star Wars chapters!

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