JOYROOM Mini Portable TWS Headphone: Summer Wireless Audio for your Mobile Devices!

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JOYROOM Mini Portable TWS Headphone: Summer Wireless Audio for your Mobile Devices!

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Bluetooth wireless devices are in! And that trend resonates with wireless headphones the size of a pill – bringing on a whole new surround sound experience for the audio multitasker. Pill design emphasizes a generation who prefer to work freely with their wireless digital internet mobile devices and accessories.

With that in demand, tech brand JOYROOM released a phenomenally affordable wireless TWS headphone (JR-TLI). Barely the size of a raw pilinut fruit, ships with a laced pill design you can cling on your wrist, better yet wear it like you would a necklace kit’s portable lanyard already attached to headset. Pilinut fruit size form, which actually contains both interconnecting ear plugs for the both left and right ears, functions as a charging batterized port.

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What is great about the two headphones, which can charge seperately, can function independent of the other plug. This is potentially useful for those accustomed to previous Bluetooth plugs for taking calls, in which case JOYROOM made that option easy and possible for either pill size ear plugs.

Topping Sound Quality
While most Bluetooth headsets suffer from digital connectivity issues, JOYROOM TWS Headphone manages to evolve from that irritating listening spectacle. In fact, during our initial and actual sound connectivity trial, this TWS headphone was completely seamless. A single touch connected or paired easily JOYROOM’s two seperate headpieces. I find that useful connecting to a wireless audio device while mobile like riding the MRT, jeep or while driving.

Sound trials outdoors, and this was done listening to a live concert streaming on YouTube and Netflix, reveals a more theatric effect I find enjoyable to rid of traffic statics, which can be stressful commuting end-to-end from Makati to North EDSA in Quezin City.

Digital sound largely projects audio vividly. It is such a great feature, particularly for people who take entertainment from their mobile devices while publicly commuting. It has the capacity to isolate audio from outside static, which can be distracting for those watching TV series with compex dialogues.

Wearable Audio Comfort
Mini design, taking the pinoy earform size, fits rather perfectly on your ears. Having that in effect allows sound distribution to be more theatric, for the most part dialogues are taken more clearly. Earplug fit is comfortable. It is not irritating to ear skin when earlplugs are used for a long period.

It is IPX7 (water proof standard) feature makes it handy using this wearable headset during rainy season. Anti-sweat features allows earplug to keep in place, allowing you to do cardio exercises or running smoothly. It is literally slip free, allowing you to concentrate on your workout or listen to more details for entertainment and recorded audios.


Lengthy Audio Playtime
The kit box details Joyroom’s design gives you six hour playtime. But our Bluetooth sound trials, which includes shifting from streaming video and recorded contents, lasted roughly eight hours. That is a heavyweight feature for a pilinut fruit size 300mAh designed for constant recharging.

Fast, Safe Charging
The JOYROOM Mini Portable TWS Headphones charges fast and efficiently. A 300mAh easily charges in less than 30-minutes. Port charging charges the left and right earplugs equally. Full charge delivers a light prompt, indicating it is ready for usage. When discharge, in the absence of a charging port, you can simply put back earplugs on pill charger to auto charge.

Stylish and fashionable
The immaculately white design of the JOYROOM headphone make for fashionable accessory, which you can use for a necklace or why not round it out for a bracelet. Size of device make for a light hand carry, making it easier to pull out headphones for a quick stream in between working hour gaps.

The JOYROOM Mini Portable TWS Headphone is simply beautiful! It is aork of art worth flaunting with your everyday wear, and it provides the best surround sound audio for your mobile devices. It is a great deal for a unique summer travel or birthday gift purchase. While design seem more feminine, this portable headphone should ring a bell for anyone who takes their entertainment with sense, and while enjoying movies or TV series the wy you would inside a digital theater.

Best Summer Purchase
Exclusively available at the Digital Walker tech accessory store in the Philippines, JOYROOM Mini Portable TWS Headphone retails for only P1,690.00. The surround sound quality, glitch free wireless audio connectivity and fashionably chic pill design make for a winner purchase for anyone who wants more out of their wireless audio gadgets complimenting their mobile devices real time.

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