JOYROOM TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbud (5.0 BT Version): Surround Sound in a classy summer headphone style

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JOYROOM TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbud (5.0 BT Version): Surround Sound in a classy summer headphone style

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Low budget earbud headphones are becoming a norm for anyone multitasking. Why is that? Well, for one earbuds are small, light and stylish. JOYROOM TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbud (5.0 BT Version), which is a budget friendly earbuds headphone wireless gear, differ because it prvides surround sound like you would imagine or enjoy watching a movie from inside a digital theater. And that is where TWS Bilateral Wireless

Earbuds design rise above everybody else. The price is definitely a come on, but once you stick this particular earbud, which get its more or else Apple earbud design, is a sound charmer.

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Handy waterproof packaging

Earsize fit headphones

Compact charger pack
Wireless earplugs can easily end up getting lost. JOYROOM fitted the TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbud with a compact casing, which doubles as a battery charger. While that is a necessary feature for anyone travelling, using earbuds for lengthy hours, the TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbuds comes with a decent 500mAh rechargeable battery. Enclosed casing, which is generally rain water or sweat moist proof, confidently fits your jeans or backpack side pockets. Casing can simply be re-charged on purpose, which means charging can either be through an open wall USB socket or plainly your laptop for a mere thirty energy input you are ready to go.

Theater audio experience
JOYROOM’s earbud design gives you literally the best surround sound experience. It fits in your ear size perfectly, giving you that natural noise cancellation effect. It helps ease stress, specially when you are riding a commuter train or in a crowded supermarket – allowing you to relax while doing regular chores like shopping, dining or reading a book while using public transport.

Surprise hugot liner when you open the gift box

Cool gift box packaging

Easy connectivity
For a budget friendly earplug, notably with sound proofing features, the Bluetooth setting for each earplug set provides for fast wireless connection. Once earplugs are lifted from charging case, fitted on ear bluetooth smoothly interconnect the two earplugs while connecting to your smartphone’s MP4 or video player automatically. Audio is lag free, keeping you glued to your music without lapses. In cases when battery is low, earplug reminds user to plug in battery case.

While specification indicated playtime to hit minimally 6-hours, JOYROOM reached further 7 hours non-stop for audio player files constantly running. Video files tend to have a lower 5 hours play time. In which case, a half charge can be reached re-charging earplugs seperately on battery case.

Super light but sound is powerful for trnascription, watching korenovelas

Half the size of the palm

Style and comfort
JOYROOM’s wireless earbuds are fashionably chic. The black or white variant can easily cross fit any clothing wear, be it for casual, gaming or the familiar sports workout look. In which case, if you are looking for an earbuds lasting more its usual playtime period, JOYROOM TWG Bilateral Wireless Earbuds, lets you enjoy enhanced audio or video sound play with ease, confort and definitely in summer fashion style! The enclosed battery casing can be fitted with a neck lanyard you can tie to a backpack or necklace for easy access.

Fancy audio earplug gift
JOYROOM TWS Bilaterial Wireless Earbuds make for a fancy gift pack! The wireless headset comes in a designer gift type box, which comes with a fancy hugot tag “You Only Live Once”, before digging on the headphone pouch underneath case. After that, connectivity is an easy plug n play. JOYROOM’s earplug is pre-charged. It is a welcome option, allowing you to immediately test audio connectivity with a broadband live smartphone. Earplug is generally compatible with Apple and Andoid devices, but noticeably connectivity is sharply faster with iPhone or Apple media players. Laptop is similarly faster, but noticeably battery tend to drain faster on purpose.

Easy cleaning, no cross connection
Earplug’s design makes it easy to clean. It is not greasy on ear when fused with skin sweat, basically avoiding slips. Connectivity is a joy! While it can be challenging connecting earplug for the first time, succeeding wireless connection is generally smooth. And you can turn off earplugs on purpose, when not in use, while auto charge commence once earplug are returned to casing. Charging is relatively faster, commencing without experiencing any casing or battery heating up.

For a budget friendly wireless bluetooth earbuds with high end audio digital surround sound features, JOYROOM TWS Bilateral Wireless Earbuds (5.0 BT Version) / (SRP 1,999), which is exclusively selling at all Digital Walker tech stores in the Philippines,is worth your budget’s shopping tech buy! It is easy to use, fashionable and it lives up to digital surround sound theater audio standard complimenting all types of smartphone devices in the Philippines.

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