keeping the swaying ghosting thrill alive

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keeping the swaying ghosting thrill alive

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In Review: The Grudge

Cast:  Joh Cho and Lin Shaye

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Director: Nicolas Pesce

Keeping the horror thrill alive

Horror movies, particularly Hollywood sequels, can be difficult trailing. The Grudge, who’s American sequel took its cue from Japanese set plotting, radiates its subtle horror feel from original movie. The Grudge (which means a curse) justly settle with a few character typical of many horror films – but with a Sadako feel sticthcing its way into each immortalizing character. It is a necessary drill given plotting leaning on this simialrly curse feeding on people’s existence. Annhilating anyone in its way, The Grudge wreaks horror killing its curious victims. Curse is triggered when it is solicited, when a police investigation points to murder case.  While that may sound teasing, in horror movies the thrill engages from good timing. It is like comedy only fear is elicited to thrill theater audiences. It has been repeated in most formulaic Hollywood movies. Horror film cloaking in teasers are not exempted. How does The Grudge fair with horror thrill? It leans on a slow jolt fixture. HBO’s series Carnivale did a familiar take, but in so many associating layers. The Grudge reels somewhat in the middle of horror extremity. It does not lean on mayhem, but there is enough screen blood to make audience scream with entitlement.

What strikes audience is the sticky feeling a curse brings to anyone associated with its path. It does not let go once attchment is realized. It is typical of Japanese horror genres baking on the unshaken spirit from the afterlife. Conjuring did so much that theatrically.  Watching The Grudge lay little foundation to even scare the living daylights of pickiest horror freaks. The Grudge works like a charming horror manga with pulse. Whatever that means to audience tall tailing on blood and gore. The Grudge, for lack of a better description, seem more a chapter from the Twilight Zone. That impression would explain why film felt short handed, if not licking, and while attempting to stretch a figuring horror storyline generously exhausted in the first installment. While that is apparent, and expected to dominate most scenes and character jolt shocks, The Grudge remains a funfilled scare tactic weekend thrill to watch, particular for those aiming for a romantic watch!

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