More cashback perks with PayMaya’s Balikbayad campaign

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More cashback perks with PayMaya’s Balikbayad campaign

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PayMaya, one of the Philippine’s fastest growing digital or cash free payment system, is offering more cash back incentives for anyone who uses the mobile application to tap and pay with QR code for things like groceries, shopping and bill payments. Answering consumer calls for more cash back perks, PayMaya tap teen royales Kathryn Bernanrdo and Daniel Padilla for the app’s “Balikbayad” campaign. Kathniel, as the showbiz couple is socially media coined in the entertainment industry in the Philippines, highlighted the launch of PayMaya’s latest “Balikbayad” televesion commercial. The nearly one-minute commercial, which was shown to the public theater style, like a movie premiering with big named celebrities, adopted a comic action-comedy format teasing on PayMaya’s cash free mechanism, as well as format’s expanding cashback perks.

“It is the easiest, safest way to shop without using money. You can use for groceries, malls or even when dining out with family. It is convenient for anyone on the go,” relates Kathryn Bernardo, during a live theater and Facebook press conference.

Kathniel for PayMaya’s Balikbayad campaign

Padilla, who admitted not being mindful about digital shopping, shared how Bernardo, his screen showbiz tandem, taught him the basics of on-line shopping. “Shopping on-line is very practical, especially with PayMaya. I sometimes remind myself I am using real money to transact money for shopping for things I want but this everything is on-line,” said Padilla.

Kathniel, given the showbiz couple’s affiliation with young digital savvy millennials, was tapped by PayMaya to reach out to other younger markets who can greatly benefit from PayMaya’s expanding features.

“I like the balikbayad perks, which is even bigger, some user get big cuts from their actual payments. All you need to do is keep using PayMaya,” said Bernardo. PayMaya works wonders, particularly for those who work hours plying through traffic, those who have no time to go banking or even visit an ATM, because it allows you to do banking with a single mobile app conveniently accessible from your mobile devices. “It is secured transacting money with PayMaya, and you can hook up your bank account with app, and use that to pay for bills, domestic ulitlities.” Following Bangko Sentral standard policies, PayMaya lets you pay bills from the app with a few clicks. The app is free to public, and you can use it to transfer money to other PayMaya accounts that have upgraded to Bangko Sentral protocols.

PayMaya, compared to conventional savings account or ATM card and credit cards, is interest rates free. Bank networked with PayMaya can charge for some services, but this is miinimal compared to transactions using some bank services for credit cards or even debit cards. Utility or domestic billings for things like water, electricity or even insurance can be set for auto debit or payments, depending on your financial transaction needs.

Payments are real time delivered, fairly convenient to lining up in a bank for hours for same payment service options. PayMaya works like a debit card, in which case you can fund account on purpose from bank or designated loading points PayMaya designated in malls or partner brands offering such services. PayMaya features now includes ability to transfer from mobile account to other bank accounts. First time app user can download app and use promo cdde PAYMAYAKATHNIEL to get an instant reward. For the month of February, PayMaya is offering as much as P6,000 in cashback for mobile wallet’s various promos for bill payments, buying load, paying for goods and services via QR, on-line shopping and sending money.

PayMaya expanded its merchants and establishment partners lists for its scan to pay and QR code payments. Partner brands includes the following major stores and supermarkets: Landers Sueperstore, Mercury ?Drug, KFC, Robinson’s Department Store, Total Alabang and Valenzuela, and /toys ‘R US, among others. For other informations about PayMaya’s Balikbayad campaign, BigTito suggest visiting this website or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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