Multitasking with a single gadget

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Multitasking with a single gadget

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Gadgets are expensive! Not everyone can afford to buy a laptop to compliment another wireless gadget for multitasking  in the new normal! It is a given reality.

But that does not prevent Filipinos from actually multitasking even with a single gadget on hand.

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The Huawei Matepad T, which sells for less than 7-thousand pesos in the Philippines, can work to that single multitasking gadget function. And, get this, it comes with a Huawei App Gallery for all your third party support app needs – keeping the multitasking run smooth and moving to your needs.

Just barely two inch bigger than standard 6-inch smartphone screen size, Matepad T is perfect for anyone working constantly from home. Be it for homework or even office reports needing immediate editorial intervention, Matepad T make for a handy tool for producing and sending (wirelessly) all that need with this gadget. For writers (or those poised to do reports), the Huawei App Gallery offers plenty of writing apps (with easy to use editing tools) for practical post-production and editing needs.

And there are a handful apps for publication offering free trials, while some you can download fuss free. App Gallery, taking gallery tag name into context, is practically designed as a clickable dashboard catalogue. If you are familiar with website development or management, app gallery offers familiar user friendly design that is easy to use or even deploy while on the go.

It means that, even with a single device actively multitasking with apps like the Matepad T, the gallery is smoothly accessible to download any particular apps to suit real time needs. A good example, for those using tablet for the first time, are selfie apps to aid tablet camera, for fancy features set for social media deployment.

There are plenty of creative apps in the box, and mind you these exciting softwares are designed for young (and not so young) wireless multitaskers, for anyone composing reports, digital videos or school projects running from home. It compliments creativity again with pressing real time needs sailing.

There are specific apps for basic video and stills editing – something you can easily incorporate with your videos up for screening or while say group zooming with your digital instructors, your collagues.

Storage is not an issue with Matepad T, since it can expand to more than 100GB with an external drive plugged in. Device is relatively compatible with known storage brands like Seagate, another option is Huawei cloud for those with accounts.

While that may take time saving for some files like video, process does not exactly affect the multitasking capacity of tablet. Managing apps, particularly those downloaded and constantly (or actively) networking with other apps complimenting your workload needs, is easy with just a few setting clicks taking.

Entertainment, be it for gaming or pop streaming movie or TV contents, is enjoyable with Matepad T. App gallery offers a handful alternative streaming apps with a different array of international contents. While requiring usual one-time registration, others with detailing subscription, these apps available are easy to download from gallery.

And the Matepad T, including those live streaming, offers theater quality views for anyone watching koreanovelas or American classic contents in between digital class presentations.

The Huawei App Gallery, for first time users, even offers an editor choices window, so you can have a tested first app downloads like GCash, which offers a one-stop cashless payment mode for shopping, paying domestic bills, and even for banking.

For those into cooking, app gallery provides an array of apps with easy to render kitchen recipes, video cooking demos, and for some choices food games have add excitement for the home stationed worker or student.

What is great about Huawei App Gallery, for those using tablet for long hauls, is gallery’s real time suggestions for new apps that may be of interest to anyone using Huawei. The Matepad T offers a decent means to enjoy live class or office conference streaming while actively producing a report for another pending work or school project.

It can store in house produced school and office work content, and there are suffucuent apps to aide your homebased pre and post production needs for publishing, video and image digital editing.

Matepad T, along with Huawei App Gallery, offers great alternative from regular app sources. And what is best about the Matepad T is its compatibility with general third party apps for publication and entertainment.

Take the Huawei App Gallery for a spin, and it will make all your pre and post digital pubication and streaming requirements work without stalling!

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