Netizens praise, salute super minimart frontliners

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Netizens praise, salute super minimart frontliners

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Getting stuck in a quarantined community can be challenging, even worrysome for those supporting a family. But even more challenging, and not mentioning dangerous, are the super minimart frontliners who wake up early in the morning just to ensure you have supermarket supplies delivered back home.

I am talking about the employees of the Alfamart, the first and only Super Minimart Chain in the Philippines, that continue to operate providing sought after supermarket supplies for community quarantined Filipinos looking for ways to feed their families.
“Alfamart will save us at this point in time,” said Kristine Mae on Twitter on the super minimart’s helpful frontline employees.

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Braving the dangers of the dreaded COVID19, which has no cure todate since pandemic broke in China, Alfamart’s supermart employees come to work daily, makng sure fresh grocery supplies are brought in so people can rest assured they get readily available food supplies daily for their families.

“And they (referring to employees) tend to shoppers with kindness, which is a welcome trait for shoppers going of their way to line for an hour for simple things like bread, canned goods or alchohol. It makes me feel lighter after the long walk, since there are no transport available, from home,” said Maring Regacho, a mother of five, who has to walk from her Senate Village home barely 2-kilometers to do grocery.

But Alfamart’s service does not end. Did you know, when I visited one Alfamart branch in my community here in Vicas, Novaliches one time early in the morning, I came about delivery trucks putting fresh supplies on Alfamart’s shelves.
“It is risky knowing there is COVID19. But I find joy seeing these service men delivering food supply I know will help more people locked down in their respective residential communities all over Metro Manila,” said Isagani Aragdon, a former government employee delivering market produce to his Novaliches subdivision.

And while medical personnel were busy forefronting fight against COVID-19, let us remind Filipinos commending those serving in groceries, convenience stores, and super minimarts – who got praises from Netizens observing the sacrifices these men and women put up daily so everybody can have enough food and grocery supplies for the duration of the 30-day enhanced community quarantine period.

“We commend Alfamart and its team for braving throught this crisis. The Alfamart in our village (Greenwood) is our Oasis for basic stuff,” tweeted Gilbert Emani Carino.

“Alfamart knows the future,” Tweeted consumer @ncrfranchesca

“Buti malapit Alfamart sa mga communities. Importante yan, lalo n ngayon wala mga tricycle o jeep, para makabili ang mga tao ng kanilang mga pangangailangan sa bahy, para sa kanilang pamilya,” said Ardwell Magdamo, resident of Senate Village Subdivision, Novaliches, Caloocan.

And with COVID-19 pandemic active, super minimart outlets like that of Alfamart certainly offers a relief for consumers looking for ways how to get around providing badly needed food and grocery supply on the dining table. Alfamart Super Minimart is well aware of this expanding consumer need. In fact, in some areas where transport is a huge challenge for consumers, Alfamart fielded shuttles just so their employees can get to their work stations. Alfamart, when one consumer asked a cashier how they manage working with COVID19, even provide wages to employees who could not get to work.

Seeing the need to keep working environment safe and protected, Alfamart management is working hard to keep with rising supply demand for disinfectant, sanitizers, and PPEs to their staff.

Big Tito, along with other Netizens on digital media, acknowledges the heroic deeds these men and women in the supermarket and minimart frontlines take on daily, so our communities, your family and children will have fresh food and grocery supplies throughout the 30-day expanded quarantine period in the Philippines.

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