New Normal educational tools for your children

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New Normal educational tools for your children

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Year 2020 is the year of change, and now we must adapt to the “new normal”. Part of this new normal is the switch from regular school to homeschooling. Education have turned digital, and we must adapt as this is one way to make sure our children are safe from the invisible enemy, which is COVID-19. 


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Be homeschool ready with these must haves:

  1. As parents, we are now tasked to take on the role as teachers, and to make it still feel like they are in school, having a whiteboard would give of this vibe. Give them some activities that would encourage them to write on a board and make it feel like they are in a real classroom. 
  2. Having their own space of learning is important as they tend to focus on their homeworks. Having a sturdy study table will give them their own space. No distraction like when they are staying in the living room. 
  3. File Organizer. To keep track of their daily activities or homework’s, a file organizer is a must. This also teaches them how to be organized with their own things and for them to easily know where their schoolwork is. 
  4. With the switch to digital learning, children are now taught through video conference calls. Some homework’s are now submitted online and there are other learning activities as well. A laptop, iPad or a personal computer have become the most essential of all in homeschooling. 
  5. There are books readily available for every grade level and subject required, especially for your grade schoolers. From Mathematics, Filipino, History and Science, it is available in bookstores. Despite online learning, it is still important for our children to read books. 


All these items are readily available in National Bookstore, MemoExpress, Abenson, Robinsons Appliance, and Octagon. And do you know that you can purchase these items while keeping yourself protected from possible transmission?

GCash Scan-To-Pay feature allows you to pay for your purchases without having to hand in cash. Just scan the QR code and enter the amount, and you are done with your homeschool shopping. 

With all this digitalization, the most important thing that our children need is our guidance and support that we are there to help them all through out. Keep safe everyone.

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