No more fears from street criminals, ATM thefts with GCash



Times are hard! We have heard those shattering public grievances on social media. And that brings fear, with more people laid off from ECQ brought about by COVID-19, of being targeted by criminality. And this does not let up, with barangay issuing only one community quaratine pass each family household, risk of getting held up while withdrawing money from a bank ATM is greatly increasing.

Worse, with government bent on putting National Capital Region (NCR) into a military lockdown, how can you receive or send money to your loved ones if banks or financial institutions have relatively closed shop in the city?

Whether you like ir or not, regardless of a regionwide military initiated lockdown, making ends meet need to continue!

GCash can help you provide or get financial support during a lockdown. Financial technology born mbile application GCash lets you send or receive money without even stepping out of your household. We are all connected on the internet, and telcos made sure Metro Manila get suffucuent data boost while on lockdown mode, so GCash make for a winning option to transact money without ever having use cash physcially.

Yes, you heard me right! GCash does not require, for its monetary transaction features, physical money to enjoy bank type transactions. While some people make use of app as a debit card, what is beautiful about GCash, is that it can be used to get paid for work from home sidelines. You can receive your salary from app, no need to go to a bank for health risky over the counter money transaction.

GCash has several useful features. GCash Send Money, as the name suggest, lets you send and receive money from clients using GCash app. It comes with ATM option, which is useful for transactions requiring cash transactions. Bank transfer is possible, but you just need to hook your bank account to app. IT can be used to fund GCash or check your account for updates. But most convenient of features is the QR Code.

The QR Code, which is often used in supermarket and shopping mall counters, you can similarly generate from app. It is great for paying deliveries, no cash needed, and trnsaction is completely exact for billing – no changes needed. A food delivery can simply simply scan your generated code, bill you exact cost, to rider’s GCash account. Transaction takes less than three seconds.

For those into gaming or kids on-line for their homeworks, you can buy registered load for them through your GCash account. Credit is possible, provided you have good financial standing with GCash, to advance money for supermarket. And, for those having problems sending funding to their families rhoted by ECQ in the province, GCash is fastest way to send money. And there are more GCash merchants using app, which means cash or less human contact for purchases.

And for those required financial transacting accounting, GCash was good enough to provide a digital leger you can find on app. It keep (real time) track of your money transactions. It details what day, time and where transaction was rendered. Keeping with Bangko Sentral regulatory policy, for money transaction both sender and recipient get immediate text messages for every transactions. It cuts through hassle confirming transaction for payments or even salaries sent via GCash.

So, why fear going out to bank? You can stay home, get your bank connected with GCash, and do all your financial transactions, including for domestic utilities like electricty, water, bank bills and more with this financial application.

To activate GCash, all you need is download GCash from PlayStore for Android and iTunes for Apple smartphones. GCash requires one-time registration with your existing phone number (Globe, TM, Smart or Talk N’ Text) to operate app.





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