No more pickpocket, getting held up nightmares with cashless transactions

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No more pickpocket, getting held up nightmares with cashless transactions

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Having jitters withdrawing payday income? You are not alone, not with sailing reports of consumers (and supermarkets) getting held up in broad daylight, in the middle of the 30-day ultimate home quarantine spectacle in the Philippines.

Despite increasing police and military visibility near banks, supermarkets, it seem impossible removing fear geting held up outside law enforcer’s visibility. Not to worry, there are execeptional ways to get around urban criminals. One of which is through cashless digital payments like GCash.

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Cashing in made easy!

GCash is easy to use – definitely user friendly! Why? Well, it works with your smart devices (smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop) downloading a specific application on-line. The app, which is free to download on both Android and Apple devices, requires a single user registration and then you can start using GCash to send, receive money or buy items on-line and even pay for utilities.

Bill Payments from Home
After registration, which requires basic user information like banks, and this is under strict supervision by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, you can start using app by cashing in first. This funds your GCash account which you can use for a wide variety financial services like paying for electricity, water and subscriptions. You can simply browse for specific bill payments. Once choice is made, you can simply input specific billing code to debit payment from your GCash account. Payments are rendered real time, and for each transaction a text message is sent directly to your GCash’s designated phone number. What is best about cashless payment or transaction is that it is completely rendered without human contact, and it charmingly works without every having to go to a Meralco, Maynilad or banks to pay for due subscriptions and credit billings.

ATM Card Option
Cashless transactions are convenient. But for people preferring to get cash, GCash comes with ATM card option. Cards needs to be registered with app to work, start withdrawing cash for purchases requiring cash payments. ATM card, like its equivalent app, works like a debit card you can use to scan QR Codes for cashless mall or merchant partner transactions. What is great about QR Code feature is that you get to pay exact billing amount, no changes necessary – avoiding cashier contact.

GCash gives you option to open savings account with app

Mobile savings
GCash conveniently works to augment Filipino’s lack of an accessible bank account for financial transactions like paying bills. GCash even added a savings option, wherein for as small as P50, anyone can start a mini savings account. What is convenient about GCash Savings is that you can monitor account without ever going to a bank or using an ATM machine. While it is required to provide additional details to enjoy this saving feature, GCash Savings lets you enjoy a savings account with debit and atm features that can be monitored 24/7. It does not require minium savings to enjoy feature, and you can even link your GCash to your affiliated bank account. It allows you cash in from bank savings your GCash account digitally.

Digital accounting
GCash transactiona are app monitored real time. It means every financial transaction, whether it is cashing in or paying for utilities or shopping, is digitally listed in leger form. Leger is updated daily, and you have option to print this for book keeping. Feature conveniently keeps track where purchase was made, time of purchase and how much was deducted or added to your account. In case of transaction error, GCash can remit back amount transacted.

GCash is PIN protected + security verification for lost cards, smartphones

Anti-Criminal Protection
Worried about losing your smartphone? With cashless transactions it is real time protected. If ever you lose your phone, you can easily recover GCash account. Every GCash account comes with four digit pin code encryption. It cannot be opened without counter verification, where user can simply call GCash hotline to instantly block account. In cases of account breach, system informs you via the email address designated for such eventualities. Lost sim cards, particularly for postpaid and registered prepaid sims, can be redeemed with your verified identification.

So, what is keeping you from using digital cashless transactions. GCash can be used to pay for a wide variety of billings, beginning with your electricity, water, subscriptions and even taxes.

When you have amenities like GCash, and you really want to avoid getting help up by notorious criminals while transacting your bank’s ATM in your quarantined neighborhood, you can actually do regular financial transactions safely from your homes.

And there is really no need to risk your health, your life, going out just to do simple chores that could have been done with a few simple clicks using your smartphones.

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