Nokia 5310: A Brave Return!

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Nokia 5310: A Brave Return!

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Nokia is bringing back another all time favorite! And it is something every multitasker my timeline would enjoy seeing for the second time.

I am talking about the Nokia 5310, which is strangely making its way back into the mobile phone market. With a few minor feature tweaks, and that includes social media like Facebook, the Nokia 5310 will certainly head turns – particularly for those who started their first handset with that particular Nokia series.

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Mixing that all familiar front white keypad laced with striking red side burns, and that 2.4 ich display that turned nights into day texting (or even making out) with someone from around the corner. It was a fun time, when texting ruled the digital air – turning the Philippines into the text capital of the world. What did we enjoy so much that we burned hours living with Nokia 5310.

Barely a fraction size of today’s smartphone body, the 5310, as we coined it while beating work deadlines, was our conneciton to the world. It nurtured a world driven by text mates, some of which made life easier sharing workloads from a pile texted words typed diligently while producing a TV show, sending a story via sms.

That experienced lived on, even to this day, when smartphones rule along with social media buzzing our lives real time.

What was so special about Nokia 5310?
Taking Nokia’s pop line, Nokia 5310 was among the earliest palm size handset that allowed you to browse the interset from browser. It has back then OPERA, which allowed you to browse internet for basic information. It functioned more like a library on the go, like a dictionary waiting to share a word’s prescribed definition. It lets you scribble words from phone to your missing research link. But more of these canned information were merely shared fast through texting, something enjoyed today via messaging or digital voice connectivity. Having that research power, in one gloriously small computing feature phone in your posession. Battery, and this is true for many Nokia feature phones that came even before the 5310, had long lasting battery life. It did not heat up either, making it a great companion for anyone working long hauls in production like TV or radio.


Small, compact and beautiful
The Nokia 5310, back when it first entered the mobile phone market, was a gamechager device. Compact, light and beautiful the palm size design laced with red, black and white was an instant hit with yuppies back then. Some wore the 5310 on their neck while others flaunt it with work or while socializing – the afterwork drinking session. Nokia, particularly the 5310, became a social status statement for anyone longing for pop attention. And each time the Nokia ring tone flare up with flickering screen it made people heads turn your way.

Music via Mp3
Digital music files became pop with Nokia’s devices. What was once played on cassette converted to a playable digital music file you can play everywhere with Nokia 5310. The fun of which was being able to store some 500 music files on phone. Digital files were easily transferrable, make it more fun relating with other people sharing same Nokia phone features. While video was secondary to 5310, the new version out makes it worthwhile playing simple (but crisp) videos shot from camera. While it is not exactly smartphone spec trendy, images or videos can be used for social media dispensing. The new MP3 for the 5310 now includes a decent equalizer.

FM Radio / Recording
Having radio on a mobile phone struggled with either an AM or an FM band. Being more pope and young, the more hip FM band became a mainstay for Nokia devices like the 5310. It was a plugged in type experience that allowed you to play stored music files and live radio through a wire connected third party speaker or plain simple a coin size headset pair that went with phone’s box.

Audio recording became a hit for interviews. It became a pop feature for young reporters doing constant outdoor or ambush interviews, and replaying recorded file while on headset mode. It came handy for transcription, coining quotes while beating the 3pm writing deadlines. Files were transferrable between devices via bluetooth, but that affair can be time daunting but it was a welcome shift for anyone multitasking with their user friendly devices.

User friendly speakers
While the Nokia 5310 was relatively poised for social savvy working individuals, it was relatively meant to be a fun feature phone you can carry around for unplanned entertainment. The revived 5310 includes two speakers, we call it phone blaster during our time, that is great for wide audio room play. Digital sound is relatively crisp, which is helpful for anyone using it for on-spot interview transcriptions. Playing MP3 is candid enough for cubicle air play, with audio relatively static free.

Feature camera take
The Nokia 5310 can shoot shoot decent outdoor pics, and it should not be compared to smartphone imaging standards. Camera includes flash or torch for indoor shoots. And mind you it shoots from the rear, including selfies, which is easy taking giving phone’s palm size. What is important you have a feature phone that can shoot relatively good, clear images you can share on social media. Videos are equally decent, generally lag free, and clear enough for a simple outdoor take. The 5310 includes a MicroSD card slot with up to 32GB phone space. That may sound frugal for today’s standards, but be reminded it is what is expected of the 5310’s provided software and hardware technology. It is great with whaterver features it came on with the first time it hit the market. That is how you enjoy the best out of this classic Nokia mobile phone.

Talk time /Games
Anyone who previously owned/workey days with a Nokia gadget would battery is exceptional. The Nokia 5310 is one such device. Talk time can last 20.7 hours/ 30 days for the single SIM variant. Dual SIM variant slightly differs with 20.7 hrs/ 22 days talk time detail. It is one of the reasons many Filipinos, particularly those in provinces commonly hit by typhoons, stayed on with their Nokia feature devices. People will tell you Nokia is handy for lengthy calls, texting without experiencing issues on shortened battery life.

Games, you remember snakes, are a mainstay to Nokia 5310. It still offers the best gap time games, making it more fun taking the 5310 for a second spin. But what makes the Nokia experience matters, regardless how many technologies have upgraded from where this well loved Finland brand began, is the immense usage Nokia ingeniously provided to Filipinos when they need it the most – for emergencies, reliable communication and a gadget friend that lets you connect to the world with a single texting mode.

Note: Feature phones, particularly Nokia devices, generally charge faster. Battery is conveniently removable, so you can always buy a battery spare in case of an emergency. Charger is standard to what most use for Android smartphones, making it more compatible for plug ins.


Checkout the primary features of the Nokia 5310

Display: 2.4 inch Screen
Speaker type: Dual Blaster Speakers
Radio: FM Radio
Music Player: MP3 Files
Storage: MicroSD card slot (expandable to 32GB)
SIM Type: Available either in single or dual type SIM
Battery: Talk time is 20.7 hrs / 30 days (Single SIM) and 2 0.7 hrs / 22 days (Dual SIM)
Added Features: Internet browser/ Games/ Video Player/ Camera (with standard torch or flash)

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