Nokia kick off 2020 showcasing budget friendly Android smartphones detailed for social media multitasking

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Nokia kick off 2020 showcasing budget friendly Android smartphones detailed for social media multitasking

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Keeping with demand for affordable Android smartphones, Nokia took the spotlight once more launching not one, but two mainstream Android smartphones: Nokia C1 and. Nokia 2.3. Designed for eaasy internet mobile access and flexible multitasking, Nokia C1, with its signature pocket fit form and who could forget the youthful pastel back cover design. 

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What to know about Nokia C1
Detailing standard 5.45 inch High Definition (HD) screen, the mainstream smartphone, which is entering the Philippine with hope of enticing more grass root Filipinos to get into the popular Android smartphone sphere, sells with latest Android 9 Pie (Go Ediion) – a software which let even this mainstream smartphone to vividly screen lag free video, particularly for sites offering streaming options like Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ or lately HBO GO.

The mass consumer friendly 3G smartphone was designed to simplify the downloading video process for anyone wanting to shift into a smartphone specifying device for entertainment or digital communication – which is basic for anyone with relatives living overseas or those working in Metro cities needing constant network to manage family or even for business.

Storage improves with the Nokia C1, which comes with less of those pre-installed application, providing user more space particularly for data and file storage. The Nokia C1, if you love shooting or downloading files, can store up to 3,000 song files and around 24 hours of vidoes. Storage, like any advancing Android smartphones gearing towards streaming features, can expand to 64GB of additional (nicro SD) storage. The 3G standard may sound older for software/hardware technology pitch, but on first trial the Nokia C1 does its streaming job faster.

Stylish design
The Nokia C1 is compact, fits right the size of your palm. It is easy to carry, light and provides a handy grip for those constantly texting, streaming content while on foot. The C1’s handsome stylish metallic finish, along with Nokia’s signture pastel color appeal, is a crowd pleaser, and it certainly blends with any trending fashion design.

It is equally helpful having a removable backcover, allowing you battery access on purpose. While that may sound older for a design, but think of the practical side of being to actually change batteries when necessary, and not spend for a technician to change or open that part of the phone for you. It is welcome design shift, in which case you can simple carry an extra battery for long haul trips or shoots instead of taking two more smartphones for the same multitasking tasks.

Shoot to go + High quality images
The front facing flash and 5MP camera upgrades with good imaging standards. I means, for a low budget phone smartphone intended for prolonged shooting not only images and videos, can shoot glossy images in limited lighting, even more during daylight shoots. It is great for social media uploads, even for videos intended for immediate vlogging. It is a point and shoot design detailed for outright camera shoots, what more for video calls convenient for people with relatives overseas.


Quick editing
Filipinos love to shoot images, including videos. But who has time to photoshop these files for immediate social media deployment? Nokia provided Gallery Go, an off line file gallery optimized specifically for Nokia devices. It lets you edit one tap image files even off line.

Google assistant
The Nokia C1 details with Google Assistant. It is convenient for time smartphone users get access to basic things like weather,  news, sports or general informations you can use for immediate research anywhere. Nokia made some of these feature access possible even without data, allowing ordinary pinoys to enjoy on-line drawn informaton for their day-to-day needs like traffic information or simple research materials that would life easier managing.

Google Maps is included among Google features. It is great for real time traffic and direction updates. It is equally convenient to search for phone numbers, location address and information on general facts and even figures.

Targetting mass consumers, the Nokia C1, with its sleek black color variant, tops with a dedicated 1GB RAM and 16-GB internal storage. Storage is expandable. Nokia C1, which will be available on Lazada, MemoExpress and Argomall starting February 12, retails for only P2,990 in the Philippines.

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