Not exactly goodbye for ‘Bad Boys’

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Not exactly goodbye for ‘Bad Boys’

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In Review: Bad Boys (For Life) 

Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Joe Pantoliano

Director: Bilall Fallah / Adil El Arbi

Will Smith has done it all. He is not out of the Hollywood limelight – not yet! But Martin Lawrence, Smith’s legendary Bad Boys co-star, ticket to retire seem inevitable. But that is tease saying when you get to watch, and it is a fun weekend action movie taking, the latest (and hopefully not the last) installment to the phenomenal hit 80’s movie Bad Boys. It is that old, but the franchise live on with Smith and Lawrence, reprising their stand up comic action cop roles. Dubbed Bad Boys For Life, watching film seem more upgrading a Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer action style production, and with Smith and Lawrence taking rather neatly the funfilled comic cues. That established, and with a good story sailing with your Bad Boy expectations, Bad Boys For Life shows who is boss – at least for this riotly comic written chapter. Smith, given Lawrence’s balooning belly, does much of the aciton. Lawrence settles with man’s brand of in-house bread laughter, something closer to first Bad Boys installment. And while Bad Boys For Life did time realizing Smith or Lawrence coming of age, little does that play effect on Bad Boy’s action packed premise. Lawrence and Smith did get help from a slew of newbies, and the slapstick grandpa sneer is tempered, giving Smith and Lawrence to advance into their brand of comedy. But there is more to Bad Boys For Life, It branches into a storyline which edges out previous installment, keeping the aciton packed scenes more thrilling with a favorable storyline. It is not saying Bad Boys toned down for a final run. That is the teaser talking! Everything changes taking Smith and Lawrence’s formidable Saturday Night Live antics to its highest action form. Bad Boys For Life, along with returning Joe Pantoliano, who is equally character blending with Smith and Lawrence’s chasing screen egoes. But the movie literally shakes up, along with its top of the line action packed scenes reminiscent of movies like Top Gun or Transformers, with formidable storyline. It works with audience character expectations, realistically playing forward Bad Boy’s character initiation. While there are hints ending franchise, Smith’s action packed salvo seem to be pressing out a possible sequel –  hopefully with Lawrence out of retirement! Bad Boys For Life is a fancy action movie for 80s fan of the franchise, including Will Smith and Martin Lawrence loyal fans. It is an ejoyable weekend movie for the entire family!

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