Power of Morphie!

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Power of Morphie!

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Want to make sure that your gadgets will never run out of juice? Power up with Mophie, the known leader in high-quality portable powerbanks. The popular accessory brand will offer up to 70% off on select powerbanks from March 1-31, 2020. Mophie powerbanks are compatible with popular Apple and android devices or you can keep them charged anywhere, anytime. The feature fast-charging capabilities and integrated cables for user convenience.

Get Php800 off the Mophie Powerboost V2 10000MAh (Now: Php1,390; Before:
Php2,190). It can provide up to 48 total hours of extra battery with high-output charging of up to 2.1A. Quickly charge two devices at the same time with dual USB charge ports.

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It features an LED power indicator of charging status and current battery life.
Get Php2,700 off the Mophie Wireless Charging Base (Now: Php900; Before:
Php3,690). This wireless charging pad includes the latest Qi technology to deliver up to 7.5W fast-charging speed to your smartphone upon contact. It has a non-slip finish to keep your phone secure and comes with an adapter.

Get Php3,000 off the Mophie Powerstation Plus 2-in-1 Gen 4 10000MAh (Now:
Php2,490; Before: Php5,490). This 10,000mAh portable battery features wireless input
and built-in switch-tip cable for Apple Devices with a Lightning connector and USB-A
Devices. The 10W USB-A output port lets you charge one compatible device or
wearable while the integrated Lightning cable charges another. With high 2.1A output
and smart adaptive charging technology to deliver the fastest, most efficient charging
speeds. Get Php2,200 off the Mophie Powerstation 10050MAh (Now: Php2,490; Before: Php4,690). This 10,000mAh portable battery includes a USB-C and USB-A ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. The 10K portable battery provides up to 36 hours of power for your devices.

Mophie, which is exclusively available at Beyond the Box, the #1 selling battery case manufacturer and the #1 external battery brand in the US, is a California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer that empowers the mobile world to #StayPowerful. Widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions, Mophie is the proud developer of the original juice pack. Mophie products are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design.

For more details, Big Tito suggest visiting this website: http://beyondthebox.ph

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