Practical, user friendly multitasking handset

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Practical, user friendly multitasking handset

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In Review: Huawei Y6p (2020 Entry Level Android Smartphone)

For an entry level budget smartphone selling at Php 5,990, Huawei Y6p make for a dependable Android handset you can lean on for multitasking. Packed with a 4GB RAM + 64GB of internal space + 5000mah battery, you will go a long way with this smartphone. But before we get all rosy, let us explore more the Huawei Y6p features in detail.

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What powers the Huawei Y6p?
The main thrust of any smartphone is its processor! Huawei Y6p’s engine settles with
the MediaTek P22 MT6762R. It is an Octa Core processor known for its power saving features. It works well with smartphones designed for heavy multitasking (streaming, browsing, and publishing). It sails with a dcent 4GB RAM + 64GB of internal storage.

Taking Cloud storage
Cloud storage is a basic storage option for Huawei devices. Huawei Y6p showcases this option upon booting. It can be configured before completing phone’s set up. While most people settle with an internal storage, it is not bad having a cloud storage for anyone working from home. showcased on first boot, while making necessary configuration to fully activate phone. It is a secured stoage option in case phone is stolen or when storage rans out when you need it most. It works like a digital filing cabinet you can access virtually on any Android devices with a designated username and password. The Y6p, for those preferring to keep files afloat, has 64GB of internal (expandable) storage for back up files.

Egames or Bust!
While not exactly built for mobile game, Huawei Y6p can play some of your favorite interactive games. I would limit this option to Mobile Legends. It is not intended for graphic intensive games, where it can take its toll on phone’s battery life. It can lag with too much graphics. The Y6p is intended for a different kind of multitasking that is for office or school chores. It iwroks better fro streaming or managing social media, e-mails, publishing and research browsing.

Improving Phone Security
Security improves with a decent biometrics feature. You have a choice to adopt either classic alpha-numerical password, fingerprint or digital face unlock. Either security platform is a welcome security upgrade for this entry level smartphone. Downside is fingerprint scanning can be challenging with outdoor moist. Facial recognition can be repetitious in low lighted conditions. It works best activating instead any two security key platforms for added convenience.

Working with Apps
A media tek octa processor is capable of managing a handful active apps. Initial work time tests an social media account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook can go a long way when paired with active while browser base publishing personal websites. It means that you can load up on social media feeds while uploading photos on your website real time. What breaks that momentum is mobile gaming can stall Twitter or Facebook on certain occasions. It is not a big deal unless you are working on an office or school report. Raising screen graphic level, which is exactly the case for gaming, can exhaust your battery. I do not recommed taking a plug and play attitude while multitasking for it could heat up phone, damage battery.

Operating Software
Huawei Y6p runs on EMUI 10.1 / Android 10 oerating software. It is simple, fast booting and charges less battery energy for active apps. Signature features includes pop screen drawer bearing all of phone’s downloaded and provided kit apps. App drawer removes the typical screen clutter, allowing you to prioritize commonly used apps instead. Updated Android 10.1 allows you to download alternative programs from app gallery. Other practival phone features, which is generic to Android and Huawei, includes one hand mode, e-book function and night mode. Put these all together make for a practical multitasking mobile experience with Huawei Y6p.

New App Gallery
Doing away with Google, Huawei introduced brand new Huawei App Gallery. New Huawei devices will come bearing this app gallery instead of Google. t offers plenty of alternative app options from music, food, technology and even digital banking like GCash or PayMaya.

Apps like Netflix or Facebook, which typically hinges on Google platform, are still available. The gallery provides a simple process to get these pop apps to your phone’s digital screen. But there is more to app gallery. It showcases more Asian app contents not redily available in Google. That is what makes Huawei App Gallry more exciting taking a spin while exploring new apps that may actually be helpful while on MECQ.

Gallery includes a wish list for apps. It lets you add in a request which particular app of choice you want from gallery. It is a consumer friendly gesture, reminiscent of time when Android was on its infancy – when apps where literally limited to linking browser excursions for information research.

Phone Design: Fancy + Practical
Huawei Y6p is a mid size Android smartphone. With its rounded side edges, palm size body the Y6p fits the pinoy’s social media driven lifestyle. It gives that tight grip handy for people habitually taking phone calls while on foot browsing. The midight black variant, which is what we had for a review unit, is elegantly sleek. It gives off that flashy glass finish effect in your hand. Phone is relatively made of polycarbonate material yet it does dash out like a plastic cover. When exposed to sunlight it gives off this wavy look shine on purpose. Y6p is not scratch or smudge proof, so best to wipe or keep phone generally in protective casing. Other variants, which geets same flashy outdoor sun effect, includes Phantom Blue and Emerald Green.

Front Screen Craze
Main screen is High Definiton. Image or video played is equally crisp clear as your flat TV screen project Netflix streams. Huawei adopted dewdrop signature design for that fancy seamless flat screen feel. Lengthy screen provides plenty of finger sliding space for multitasking. It means that even with a single hand you can manage phone calls, check e-mail or apps with just your thump or point finger doing much of the mutitasking.

More Colors + Cinematic Effect
YouTube or social media streaming is particularly handy with Huawei Y6p. Compared to other China branded smartphones competing, Huawei Y6p gives you the best red, blue and green color mix for any playable video or images. Phone will adjust color, contrast and brightness to closest HD standard applicable. Either way images or videos are vividly projected. It is ideal for short video editing, for outright live unboxing with snappy TV spiels. While Y8p’s storage is not recommended for video files, a third party flashdrive should make it easy keeping raw edits accessible. Taking on phone’s full file capacity notably slow phone’s functions – including when uploading videos to your YouTube channel or simply attachning document for office e-mails.

Triple Camera
This entry level smatphone boast of three rear cameras. Main camera settles with a publication passable 13-megapixel, 5-megapixel camera for wide angle + a 120 degree field view. Feature entails additional 2-megapixel sensor. Front camera details with an equally publication ready 8-megapixel camera sett right in the middle of that dewdrop screen spot. All three rear cameras works like a trio. It is what gives Y6p sharper, bighter and crisp images and videos with lesser.pixellation. Images shot outdoors show more vivid colors while studio shot images details with lesser color briliiance. It is a setting issue adjustable with proper lighting in place.

What about Selfies?
The 8-megapixel selfie set up tones skin, clearing out pores, making you look fresh and younger in terms of complexion. Outdoor shot selfies tend to bring brighter red, blue and yellow tone to skin complexion. Indoor selfies are sharper but with notably less color vibrance painting facial complexion.

Raw videos
Videos can pass for a HD TV clip. The maximum video quality attainable is within 1080p range, which is achievable with outdoor shoots. Camera is capable of shooting 30 frames per second, which is more than enough to video capture action shots like a basketbaall dribble, ballet dance or your child’s first walk. Contrast matches with vivd colors shot under sunlight. Studio shots works well with staged lighting support, which can be tricky matching with shooting a product or live subject.

No More Blurrs
Huawei Y6p includes stabilitation feature. It works for some images but suggest using a tripod if you do not have steady hands for proper framing. It works well with wide or life size shots like landscapes or montage for concert shoots. It takes time getting these shots right with a smartphone clinging constantly on your arms for stability.

Our Tito Say
The Huawei Y6p is a standard Adroid entry level smartphone. It is not exactly for beginners, but it offers mobile phone features that lets you adapt easily from where you left out with your older smartphone. It coms with data transfer feature, making it easy to lift old files, apps or even email accounts from a previous phone, preferably a Huawei smartphone. Huwei Y6p (SRP P5,990) is a boot to use everyday Android smartphone. It sits well with social media, streaming needs of Filipinos appatently adjusting loudly to a work or study from home habit brought about by COVID-19. Huawei Y6p, with its 64GB and cloud storage, is generally dependable for heavy multitasking mixing calls, browsing, e-mails and social media with streaming. It is fast connecting device that is affordable for the Filipino masses.

The Huawei Y6p: Full Technical Specifications:

Battery: Type: 5000mAh
Variant: Emerald Green / Phantom Purple /Midnight Black
Operating Software: EMUI 10.1 (Android 10)
Screen type/ Size: Full HD – 6.3-inch (1600 x 720) TFT LCD IPS
Engine/. Processor: MediaTek MT6762R octa-core CPU / VR GE8320 650 GPU
Body Size: 159.07 x 74.06 x 9.04mm
Weight: 185G
Storage: 64GB storage / 4GB RAM (flashdrive up to 512GB )
Camera: Three camera set up (13MP (rear) / 5MP for ultrawide / 2MP for depth
Selfie Camera: 8M
Sim Type: Dual
Band type: 4G LTE / WiFi 802.11 / Bluetooth 5.0 /GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou
Security: back designed fingerprint scanner
Audio: 3.5mm jack
USB Type: Micro USB

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