Reliable food to go cashless payment choice for the home quarantined pinoy!

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Reliable food to go cashless payment choice for the home quarantined pinoy!

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Filipinos love to eat. And that gets more real when you are forcibly quarantined from home.

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While some people would do time cooking their meals from the kitchen, others, for practical reasons, prefer taking food deliveries..

Easy, safe and tested cashless Fintech app for food deliveries while on extended ECQ

Buying food on-line, through pop food apps like Food Panda or Grab Food (Shakeys,  Jollibee,  McDonald), is not such a bad thing.

It helps public generally avoid any possible COVID-19 infection through common social human contact.

Food deliveries normally require cash payment! But that need not be the case with GCash. The financial technology, (mobile) application is powered by Ayala Corporation’s Globe Telecom. It provides app the legal and secure cashless transaction option for  unbank Filipinos, particularly those working while on home quarantine.

And most food outlets shifting to door-to-door food delivery, have started accepting digital cashless payments  to get through economic crisis challenges brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. It has become the new normal for delivery business and payments.

Why is GCash good?
GCash is both an application and ATM. The app  allows user to conveniently send or receive money to and from other GCash users 24/7. It can be used for on-line payments like on-line shopping, digital supermarkets or food delivery without ever having to pay out cash, avoiding any kind of COVID-19 contaminant.

How to use GCash?
GCash app works like a typical debit card, for the most part. But with current app updates, GCash has come a long way from that popular feature. It now works like a typical savings account you can put and withdraw money. For delivery services, it can be used to pay for ordered items like food or even medicines and delivered grocery items.

And most deliveries lean on cashless payments like GCash for their business. It is a tried and tested payment process. GCash is strictly monitored by the Central Bank of the Philippines. That is what makes it more secured in many ways people would normally transact with their regular banks for over the counter savings or bill/loan payments.

Paying for deliveries
Once delivery arrives, you can simply use GCash to money transfer specific amount to delivery’s GCash account. Another is to draw from your GCash account a specific QR Code delivery person can simply scan from his mobile device. Transactions or payments are exact, no changes needed, so there is really no room for error. And money transfer, particularly for sale payments, are rendered in less than two seconds after sending payment via GCash.

At any rate, for those seeking transaction documentation, every financial transaction is recorded by GCash. A digital SMS/ E-mail message is sent to both sender and receiver acknowledging payment. The app registers, for accountable receipts, any transaction through a digital bookeeping leger you can printout from mobile app. You can use as basis for official receipts. In cases of a failed transaction, a debit is returned to sender. In which case, you can simply do another payment transaction to pay for immediate purchases or services.

If the food delivery requires cash on delivery for payments, GCash includes ATM card option. You can use it to withdraw cash. ATM cards, to work with GCash app, needs to be registered first with app for activation processing. App records every ATM transaction, including failed transact, with real time SMS/ e-mail feedback.

And what is best about GCash, wireless and financial transactions are executed without service or miscellaneous charges for time being. And you have option opening a digital savings account (for as low as P50.00) on app with interest. It is that safe and convenient for anyone who does not have a bank account for savings. Savings can be used operating business, and you can keep tract of payables on a 24/7 basis through your mobile device.

For domestic billings, from electricity, water, monthly service subscriptions, GCash includes option to pay bills. Bills can debited from account. And you can even cash in straight from your bank account, but this requires another one-time registration for security purposes. But you need not line up bank counter for hours to get some simple money transactions done in no time.

In cases when GCash account is targeted by fraudulent activities like phising, the app includes a call center option for you to notify. It can put your GCash account, with security verification, on hold – keeping your money safe and secured.

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