Singlife bets on EON for its digital push

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Singlife bets on EON for its digital push

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Singlife Philippines has teamed up with Union Bank of the Philippines, through EON, to level up its mobile-first insurance experience as it targets to disrupt the protection space.  Building on Singlife’s expertise in digitalizing life insurance offers, the collaboration aims to overlay EON’s award-winning banking technology for a convergent financial experience, while unlocking operational efficiencies.


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“Singlife disrupts the markets it enters by delivering more value to customers. While we offer the same, reliable protection that other life insurance companies do, we change the experience for our customers for the better. In Singlife, we offer flexibility to adjust financial goals when circumstances change, transparency on charges and fees, and the ability for our customers to be in control of their financial future on their mobile devices. Making this possible requires partners with trailblazing digital solutions and we are happy to find this in EON,” said Rien Hermans, President & CEO at Singlife Philippines. 


“We are committed to help our customers beyond payments or just carrying out daily financial chores.  We strive towards their financial well-being. We believe that our collaboration with Singlife is an invaluable opportunity for us to understand how else we can serve our customers to achieve their life aspirations,” said Kimberly Espiritu, Assistant Vice President and Communities and Linkages Head of EON.


“It’s awesome to work with a fellow disruptor.  It’s thrilling to push the envelope and claim breakthroughs.  Ultimately, it’s fulfilling to see customers happy and enjoying a better life,” said Paolo Baltao, Senior Vice President and EON Banking Group Head.  

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