SM Malls in Bulacan advocate green spaces  

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SM Malls in Bulacan advocate green spaces  

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The pandemic has brought a stark reality of how important green space is for our wellbeing. The role of green space, especially with social distancing measures, has never felt more relevant than it does now. Its benefit for both physical and mental has become paramount as it promotes healthier and happier lifestyle. In fact, research has suggested that parks and other communal green spaces have shown to help people remain proactive and safe. Green activities like gardening also lower levels of stress.


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Leading this advocacy, SM Center Pulilan recently added a green space attraction to liven up its great outdoor experiences with the opening of Playventure Picnic Ground.

The Playventure Picnic Ground is an outdoor dining and leisure attraction that offers safe green space for open- air social distancing while connecting with nature. Taking inspiration from ‘glamping’- a portmanteau word of glamorous and camping; the attraction is an instagrammable spot equipped with picnic and bonfire pits, themed huts and tents. It also has comfortable throw pillows and wooden chairs and tables for mall patrons to enjoy and create lasting bonding moments with a view of the night sky and nature. With its strategic and scenic location at the heart of the mall’s Bike Trail area, the attraction is an alternate solution to enjoy the outdoors without spending so much as it also offers a host of activities from dining, leisure, fitness session to fun pet walks.

SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag, on the other hand, took the green space inside the mall as it open their Plant Fest. The mall’s atriums in Marilao and in Baliwag become an immersive experience for shoppers as hundreds of ornamental blooms and decorative plants transform into indoor botanical garden. SM’s Plant Fest houses diverse array of ornamental plant to crop seedlings. Growers, breeders and local plant retailers from Bulacan and other nearby town turn out to participate in SM Mall’s Plant Fest.

The green spaces at SM Malls in Pulilan, Marilao and Baliwag are one of the many ways SM continue to redefine shopping experience with fun and safe malling. It also aims to encourage shoppers to connect with nature and create mindful green spaces at home.

SM Center Pulilan’s Playventure Picnic Ground is open daily from 6pm to 10pm. Plant Fest at SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag will run until February 28, 2021.

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