Soundpeats TrueAir 2: Handy Audio for Work From Home & Health Workouts

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Soundpeats TrueAir 2: Handy Audio for Work From Home & Health Workouts

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Keeping in shape is a must for anyone doing the lockdown. But doing workouts from home, particularly cardio designed exercises, can be prone to distrations – particularly logistic noise.

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That can be avoided with music, and when you get the right headset or earplugs to get you all concentrated for that health or weight goal taking daily grind. Soundpeats, yes we all know the audio headset brand, launched another unique and powerful wireless earplug for your daily exercises. Designed to fit those detailing indoor exercises, the brand launched Soundpeats TrueAir2, a wireless audio earplug that pretty resemble the form Apple popularized.

But having used earplug for a week, for grinding daily cardio runs indoors, I found Soundpeats TrueAir2 to be more user friendly, and while keeing out with immersive soundblast on either left or right speaker. Round compact size fits the ear rather neatly, allowing you to enjoy lengthily audio firing via Bluetooth player wirelessly connected. Comfy fit sticks even with random movements, keeping you focused on reaching cardio fitness level daily.

Earplug cuts through slips associated with moist build up on skin. It sits comfy on ear canal’s size. That added value when workouts shifts gears between set exercises requiring a variety of movements. And despite jog stress from a run, earplugs keeps tightly fit without usual friction soar. Moist from sweat can easily wiped off with ry cloth, keeping you upbeat with your audio file list sailing.

Soundpeats TrueAir2, for those habitually mutitasking with a variety of wireless devices, generally connects with most brands. We have tried audio earbuds with Huawei GT 2e, which comes with a unique watch music player, connects via Bluetooth on first reach. Sound quality, particularly for digital players without equalizer features, enhances with deeper bass execution on this super light audio earplug.

Outdoor exercises like biking can greatly benefit from Soundpeats TrueAir2. Again the right ear fit keeps you motivated with every bike stride, including running that requires pacing detection for cardio exercises. When in contact with other live digital devices, TrueAir2 rarely gets affected from whaling static. Audio earplug actively stream music for a lengthier period, keeping exercises uninterrupted.

Each audio earplug keeps active pace with each other. It connects on first detection via Bluetooth. Connectivity is similar to how Wi-Fi connects your TV and smartphones for screencasting. There is a tone warning to detect audio connectivity completion. It is similar to previous headset design with wireless features. It is easy to learn, no need to keep tabs constantly on your player for song shifts or pauses.

Soundpeats TrueAir2 charges with a designated pill size earplug dock. Charges commences immediately upon docking. Dock can be charge ahead of your cardio exercises, in which case a half charge piock up can be achieved once earplugs dock on purpose. A 50-minute charge can get you pretty much a full day (on and off) Bluetooth play. An hour charge can do more, possibly a day actively hooked on your phone or watch’s MP4 player.

For those taking video conferencing calls with mobile devices, Soundpeats TrueAir2 gets you pristine conference call audio with live video broadcasting. EGames works with Soundpeats earplug in ways you manage music for cardio exercises. What is best about Soundpeats is audio blast sits evenly with each audio speaker set. In cases when battery drops to low batt mode, audio pitch slows down with friendly warning to begin re-charging.

Box packaging for this user friendly Soundpeats TrueAudio2 earplug make for a handy storage, perfect for reselling when upgrading to new Aoundpeats audio speaker. While audio charge varies this is kept even on dock charge. Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade perfectly initiates better wireless connectivity, and this is not limited to phone player audiophile, but between audio earplug set for lengthy time audio deployment.

Soundpeats: TrueAir2: Complete Technical Specifications

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): P2,590.00
Promotional Price: P1,650.00

Major Audio Features
• Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX codec
• IPX4 waterproof (light rain, splash and dust proof)
• 4.5 hours listening on a full charge
• Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times
• Comes with USB-C cable

Availabitlity in the Philippines
Soundpeat TrueAir 2 is exclusively available at any Digital Walker Store! THose shopping on-line, you can buy from Digital Walker’s diigital store in Lazada and Shopee and Home Office by Digital Walker!




*Please note that our delivery vans are enroute to our physical and online stores and available units per branch may vary depending on their arrival.

You may call your preferred DW Branch for more info :

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