Soundpeats TrueAir 2:  Your  Friendly Audio Bluetooth Device Detailed for Wireless Multitasking

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Soundpeats TrueAir 2:  Your  Friendly Audio Bluetooth Device Detailed for Wireless Multitasking

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BigTito Review: Soundpeats TrueAir 2

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): P2,590.00
Promotional Price: P1,650.00

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Major Audio Features
• Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX codec
• IPX4 waterproof (light rain, splash and dust proof)
• 4.5 hours listening on a full charge
• Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times
• Comes with USB-C cable

Working from home means leaning on wireless audio devices that allows you to concentrate on your daily webinar routines. It is a painstaking ordeal having to compete with other live webinars sharing your space and time.

But that need not happen! Not when there are alternative audio solutions to get you focus on those lengthy digital seminars. Soundpeats can help you get around those nasty webinar audio distractions. The pop audio digital headset brand, which many of us in tech business lean on for best audio feed, launched another breakthrough Bluetooth 5.0 earbud type headset.

Inside the box?
Soundpeat TrueAir2 comes in a pocket size friendly box, light enough to gift pack -for a birthday presentd. Inside box you will find earbud gently tucked, keeping it protected from bumps, entirely scratch free. Set includes printed user instructional manual + audio ear plugs (left and right). Each earplug gets printed /soundpeat branding, making it more attractive seeing from a distance. Box design makes it useful storing TrueAir2 for safekeeping, away from moist or dust.

Compact Ear Friendly Design
Remarkably light and easy to grasp, Soundpeat True Air2 sails with familiar P shape ear audio bean engineering. It offers a perfect ear size audio hole fit, maximizing sound blast with gentle audio pulse. Initial trials, partly for stationary audio workouts and Zoom webinars, show Soudpeat TrueAir2’s soft/gentle fit, practically irritation free. Perfect for lengthy audio music playing or watching movies while traversing through heavy road traffic.

Pristine audio quality
Every audio gadget, be it a headset or bean type plugged in design, boils down to sound quality. Soundpeat, keeping with previous audio sound quality digital iterations, offers brighter audio theater design, personalizing sound blast with a gentle audio blow. It gets you that candid vast theater sound effect, without the piercing strike common to bean type audio earplugs. Big Tito find this particular feature absorbing, if not useful, for audio interviews and streaming digital movie contents from YouTube or HBO GO and YouTube.

Built for outdoor streaming
Taking Soundpeat TRueAir 2 for a spin, for outdoor audio listening, offers a distractiton from usual community noise. It is not perfectly studio sound gripping, but it does give you audio detail to enjoy video streaming or listening to audio from Spotify. And it seeds audio live playing from your phone player, letting you enjoy reading without distraction from outdoor elements like car honks or dogs barking while sitting comfy underneath a tree shade. Been design gets you that lighter ear hole grip, allowing you to enjoy music even with a sweaty or oily ear.

Device audio/Bluetooth compatibility
Key challenges for wireless bean type audio headsets is connectivity. Soundpeat TrueAir 2 gets around that spectacle, allowing you to enjoy music without notable distractions from people or elements within your range. It is great for those who loves music while reading or a threadmill for cardio exercises. It is compatible with Vivo, Huawei, Samsung and Apple devices. This is made possible since Soundpeat TrueAir 2 Bluetooth 5.0 version with Aptec Codec, making it so much easier connecting with most branded devices fitted with audio players.

All in the battery
A half hour charge can get you 4 to five hours audio. Initial trials, particularly for live Bluetooth engagement with general mobile devices, offer more than five hours audio experience with full charge battery. Charging safely commences with typical enclosed pill size charging dock. Dock design includes batt light charge indicator avoiding overcharging that can damage audio device.

Light, fancy and beautiful
Beauty, style and pristine audio details Soundpeat TrueAir 2. It is a handsome feature mix, definitely a head turner for watching taking this audio peat for a running spoin. Charging dock, which charges independently, can be used for storing. It is light and small you can keep inside your pocket or wear it as a necklalce. A simple alcohol wipe with clean cloth keeps audio peat disinfected.

BigTito’s First Take
Soundpeat TrueAir 2 offers a unique and beautiful means to enjoy pristine digital audio with any of your mobile devices. It works with general mobile device players, keeping all your digital webinars audio lag free. While set audio blast adjust to healthy decibel ear take, streaming audio remains vivid – perfect for audio interviews. Worth noting the friendly ear fit it brings, making TrueAir2 a convenient workout or outdoor work pair receiving wireless calls or while enjoying streaming entertainment. It can charge with your phone or laptop. And it is small enough to fit pocket, all ready for any streaming webinars from your mobile devices.

Availabitlity in the Philippines
Soundpeat TrueAir 2 is exclusively available at any Digital Walker Store! THose shopping on-line, you can buy from Digital Walker’s diigital store in Lazada and Shopee and Home Office by Digital Walker!




*Please note that our delivery vans are enroute to our physical and online stores and available units per branch may vary depending on their arrival.

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