Speed like Never Before: Buy the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus Router with Exclusive Freebies

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Speed like Never Before: Buy the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus Router with Exclusive Freebies

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Be the first one to experience the world’s first WiFi 6+ router with freebies worthu  upto Php 1, 499!

Slow speed, less lags and annoying disruptions are about to be something from the past with the HUAWEI WiFi AX3! It is the world’s first ever WiFi 6+ router that incorporates more than the speed of WiFi 6 technology – its unique 3000 mbps GigaHome Quadcore Chipset, the signature HUAWEI Share intelligent technology and HUAWEI HomeSec that keeps your connection even more secure and faster than ever. #BetterCoverageBetterPerformance.

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Buy the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus and the HUAWEI WS2500 today with exciting freebies worth up to Php 1, 499! Each purchase of the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus for only SRP Php 3, 999 comes with a FREE HUAWEI Bluetooth Speaker worth Php 1, 499! If you’re looking for a more affordable option with the same connectivity benefits, you might want to avail of the HUAWEI WS2500 priced at only SRP Php 1, 599 which comes with a FREE umbrella worth Php 499. Hurry now, because all these exciting freebies will be offered for a limited time until March 8!


It’s no surprise that connectivity is one of the major problems in the Philippines. Given the demands of the work and learn from home set-up, slow speed, dead spots and lags are the stressful situations everyone can relate to. Traditional routers are infused with just WiFi 5 technology or even later which causes these disruptions and concerns. What most people don’t know is the innovations in the field of WiFi – the hot trend in this field is the innovation of WiFi 6 which brings consumers to a whole new level. This is the latest connectivity trend for WiFi routers and the next-generation of WiFi which is the ultimate experience – High Speed, Low Latency, Power- Saving, and Reliable Connections.

HUAWEI is know to be one of the innovative leaders when it comes to chipset technology focusing on speed and connectivity as seen in the epic 5G-capable phones such as the HUAWEI P Series, the HUAWEI Mate Series, HUAWEI Nova Series and so much more. The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus is endowed with end-to-end WiFi chips giving the device unique attributes – like its GigaHome 650 chipset that produce speed for up to 3,000 mbps! Now, that’s the power fusion of technology, connectivity and speed!

The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus integrates chipset-level technology that boosts network speed and wall-penetrating capabilities that leave no dead spots in your home or office. This device upgrades performance to the WiFi 6+ level – an ultra-large bandwidth with 160 MHz which is twice as fast as other WiFi 6 routers which will keep you performing at your best.






As Filipinos, our primary concern will always be with the safety and security especially in this day and age of cybercrime. The HUAWEI’s WiFi AX3 6 Plus is equipped with the HUAWEI HomeSec which provides optimal security for all your devices. It has the TrustZone Solution, infused with the GigaHome CPU which has an internal security domain providing reliable security. To keep hackers at bay, it has the Anti-Cracking, Anti-Brute Algorithm, and WiFi Encryption key features that block hackers from unknown devices to steal valuable information with its automatic identification preventing transversal attacks and a blacklist feature that helps you filter out inappropriate content.


The HUAWEI WiFi AX3 WiFi 6 Plus is also easily managed whenever consumers use the HUAWEI Smarthome App on your smartphone which allows you to connect seamlessly with other devices following HUAWEI’s 1+8+N Ecosystem Strategy which makes this the powerful link with all your other HUAWEI devices whether it be your smartphone, laptop or even smarthome appliances like the Opple Smart Lamp. This is initiated by the router’s HUAWEI Share intelligent feature with other connections initiated in NFC devices with just one tap on the router. This is ideal especially when you would want to share your connection with your guests, without having to share your password or in your office where you would like to give public access from your connection.

Enter the new generation of WiFi 6 with the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus! Its unique 3000 mbps GigaHome Quadcore Chipset, signature HUAWEI Share intelligent technology and HUAWEI HomeSec features will ensure that you are never missing on anything, while keeping it safe, secure and of course, intelligent.

On the other hand, the HUAWEI WS2500 router is an awesome, more affordable alternative equipped with Huawei’s signature Gigahome dual-core CPU which provides gigabit networks ports and allows broadband access for up to 500 Mbps of bandwidth. This device is also manageable via the HUAWEI SmartHome App giving you a taste of seamless AI Living.

Buy the HUAWEI WiFi 6+ AX3 today on Lazada, Shoppee and exclusively on the HUAWEI Store with a FREE Bluetooth Speaker worth Php 1, 499! The HUAWEI WS2500 is also easily available via Lazada, Shopee, and of course, the HUAWEI Store. Aside from these platforms, you can also refer here for a list of physical stores where you can buy your very own unit! Hurry because these amazing freebies will only be available from March 5-8! Starting March 9, regular sales for these devices will commence, so hurry now!

All these benefits and more truly provides you to perform at your best – safely, reliably, securely and powerfully. Additionally, the HUAWEI WiFi AX3 6 Plus and WS2500 routers have a one year warranty coverage with a 7 day replacement time on defects caused by unintended physical or internal damages following HUAWEI’s official validation process within the warranty period.

Click here information about the HUAWEI WiFi 6+ AX3 and the HUAWEI WS2500.

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