TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4: Energy king of the Android smartphone


In Review: TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 (SRP P4,590)

TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4: Energy king of the Android smartphone

Gone are the days when charging becomes a common spectacle while heavily multitasking, stalling work with your smartphone. Dubbed The Energy King, Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 can help you avoid or change that multitasking spectacle once and for all.

The TECNO Puovoir 4 boasts a huge 6000 mAh battery + 19watt fast charger. Add to that a 7 inch Full High Definition (HD) dot notch screen, which is more immersive compared to standard 5 to 6 inch screen size variant selling in the market. But there is more to this consumer price friendly and powerful + energy saving smartphone to help you get through all your digital work haul from home.


Multimedia Ready Mobile Cameras
TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 takes off with two camera set up. The rear boast of a 13-megapixel camera + 2 megapixel cameras. Trio camera works as a team, equipped with fully functional Artificial Intelligence (AI) lense. It is what ensures images shot are publication quality pictures. Selfie (or front) camera settles with an equally publication ready 8MP camera. It is aided with standard dual flash that keeps those images generally shadow free where it counts. Bring these amazing camera features together and you get perfectly DSLR type images you can readily e-mail or make use for social media postings or digital blog publications. TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 features its very own TECNO Mobile HiOS 6.0, a software built on familiar Android Q platform.

Powerful Engine/ Processor
Tecno Pouvoir 4 comes with a poweful 2.0 GHz Quad Core processor. What that brings, if you are into mobile egaming and streaming, is efficiently manage a bunch apps actively competing screen attention. It even keeps phone from consuming excessive battery, like tapping apps that are not frequently in use. IT keeps steady broadcast for interactive games like Mobile Legends or watching streaming movies on pop sites like HBO GO or Netflix. In our three days trial, Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 stood out without glitch, smoothly mixing managing fintech banking (GCash PayMaya) to interactive gaming, post-video/ image editing and on-line publication apps trending with Google sites. It keeps phone functions from lagging particularly during peak broadband usage hours.


Full hand Grip Design
A seven inch Full HD screen brings more details for mobile webinars or classroom sessions on a 7-inch screen. It is like a mini-me version of your laptop screen. Palm size size phone body add more grip, making it easy to type text or swipe screen for easy browsing or why not cropping photos with one finger. Front screen and plastic body are not exactly scratch proof. TECNO kit includes a screen protector and gel body cover. It is enough to keep back and front scratch and smudge free. Slightly heavier 7-inch screen weight makes it easy to navigate, let alone keep a steady hand watching live NBA games, from screen to volume rack on side, manually shut power button in a snap.

Multi-media Ready Mobile Cameras
Most people multitasking with their smartphones stick with their handsets given its media standard ready features: camera, processor and battery. Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 ships with a publication ready 13-megapixel rear Quad Camera. It gets you clear, crisp silky images. It is packed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) lense, basically ensuring shot photos are publication ready images. Shooting is swift, no visible lags, except in low light conditions you may need a tri pod to minimize blurr. The dual quad flash, which sits candidly beside camera, sharply add minimal lighting to ambush shoots like interviews or for macro product shots. Wide screen effect helps put emphasis on details, making it easy shooting or editing videos / images with few finger tipping clicks rendering post production with style.

Fingerprint Security Sensor
Mobile fingerprint sensors provide more security for anyone working office or school chores from their mobile smartphone’s flickering HD screen. Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 is not an exception. It features a decent fingerprint sensitive sensors located at the upper back of phone. It is responsive to registered fingerprint, even with moist typically affecting unlocking features. It is a welcome security add on to standard alpha numerical mobile passcode combination. Security coding is wisely suggested on first boot, making it easier even for first time Android users to get encrypted mobile protection before apps get activated on purpose. It is a simple configuration presented step-by-step with refined user encryption.

Battery: More Power for Multitasking
A 6000 mAh battery make for a lengthy multitasking exercise. And that is what you get trailing with Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4, allowing you to do more without worrying about plugging. Pouvoir 4 can last typically a full day with active social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), streaming (Netflix/ HBOGO), web browsing and Spotify loosely streaming from background. Technically, it gets you 792 minutes of non-stop movie time, 516 minutes of video recording and 638 minutes of action-packed gaming. Live egames can juice up more battery bars than streaming. Standard text/call with occasional browsing, and this is perfect for anyone enduring unexpected power outages in the provinces, can literally extend battery life to four days.

Broadband Connectivity: Smooth Relay
With school opening (on-line) this October 2020, fast mobile internet is a must! Day long trial using Globe and Smart broadband, particularly when sharing same network with other active smartphone devices, tend to vary with uploads and downloads settling speeds between 3 to 20 khz and 2 to 25khz respectively. Broadband speed can technically differ by area, depending on number of broadband users, so a fiber broadband works better running Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4. It performs faster managing active mobile apps and recurring digital group webinars (e.g. Zoom, Google (Team/ Meet), Facebook Messenger and Lark).

Health Watch Compatible
With COVID-19 pandemic streaming, more people use health smartwatch to monitor their well being real time. Techno Mobile Pouvoir 4 can pair smoothly with smatwatches from Sony and Huawei. Our trial with Huawei Smatwatch GT 2e, which is app managed, provided excellent real time stress, blood oxygen, and heart beat monitoring. It accepted Google and Huawei health apps without restrictions, allowing you to graphically monitor your health while routinely engaged on any given physical activity. Tracked health information is vital. It can store, even analyze medical vital signs, in aide of future medical diagnosis. File transfer, which includes health data and even adding music files to blast via Bluetooth, is generally faster with a quad core processing engine in motion.

Sound Blaster: Mini Theater Excursion
Android smartphones, even for Techno Pouvoir 4, is loud enough to compliment playng Full HD videos on its magnificent 7-inch screen. It is not surround sound. But it can turn you cubicle into a mini theater. If that is not enough audio power, you can always add on an extermal Bluetooth speaker. Our trial showed friendlier connectivity with wireless speakers from Sony, JBL, Huawei and Braven. Sound quality varies with third party speaker plugging. Bluetooth headsets similarly works with Techno Pouvoir 4. Big Tito suggest sticking with branded digital wireless audio accessories, as this by experience tend to offer better audio bass take, enahancing webinar or streaming video and audio performance with detailed theatric perception.

Special Features
Designed phone’s volume control doubles for control playing egames. It is not exactly new, but this comes handy for competitive gaming while on-foot. Movies, with Pouvoir 4’s 7-inch HD screen, lets you watch 800 minutes of videos. There is a designated button for Google Assitsant, but I suggest exploring phone from its inside features instead of a short cut. Saved videos takes less battery juice playing compared to live streaming content from Netflix. It delivers uninterrupted mobile entertainment while stuck in traffic, allowing you to catch up on your favorite telenovela or American series.

Big Storage
Working mobile from home requires storage. TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 engages with 3GB RAM + bigger 32GB ROM. While it is suggestive to habitually erase used files after each webinars, storage is expandable to 250GB (or more). It is easy saving or transferring class or office files like homeworks and presentation to a third party terabyte size flashdrive. Stuffing your home PC or laptops with used files can slow down processing performance. Decluttering is suggested on a weekly basis.

Our Big Tito Say!
For a P4,590 Android fast charging smartphone compatible with Google, Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 offers an affordable + user friendly quad core smartphone with a grand 7-inch full HD screen. Display sits on a 90.55% screen ratio. It is more immersive for classroom webinars, keeping student attention focus. It adds more details watching Netflix / YouTube HD contents. A 6,000 mAh battery can help student extend study time without interruption. It connects easily with other mobile devices. Bluetooth wireless headsets (or speakers for classroom type Zoom gatherings) makes it more meaningful listening to lengthy on-line discussions. A fast charging battery makes all the difference keeping webinars, on-line work flawless during peak working hours, making it handy for anyone settling down with their mobile devices from home.

Main Technical Features/ Specifications:

* Features 6000 mAh battery + 18Watt Fast Charger

* 7” Dot Notch (Full High Definiton HD)) Screen

* Fingerprint Back Sensor / Alpha Numerical Security Coding

* 13-MP AI Quad Camera with 2MP cameras + AI Lens (REAR) and 8MP Dual Flash
camera (FRONT).

* TECNO Mobile’s HiOS 6.0 which is built on Android Q

* Google Assistant + Features

TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4 is available at leading partner retailers at a competitive and
affordable price of Php4,590 for Pouvoir 4 3+32 ; Php5,990 for Pouvoir 4 Pro 4+64 and Php6,990 SRP for Pouvoir 4 Pro 6+128.

Pouvoir 4 is available at partner retail stores, visit http://bit.ly/TecnoStoresPH.
Follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on facebook.com/TECNOMobilePH and get a chance to win your own TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4.






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