Titk Tok POV Challenge: Seeing Things In A Different Perespective

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Titk Tok POV Challenge: Seeing Things In A Different Perespective

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While the 30-day “community quarantine” is in effect within Metro Manila, why not make the most of your time and learn new things?

There is a trending challenge on TikTok which offers viewers a myriad of perspectives on situations, scenarios, and circumstances. The TikTok #POV challenge features short form videos that are shot from the watchers’ point of view. This places the audience right in the middle of a scene as a participant and not just a spectator.

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Watching TikTok #POV posts can give off an almost roleplaying feel for the viewer. In a way, you can enjoy being a part of the action for a brief moment. The variety of viewpoints that you can experience when you browse through the #POV hashtag on TikTok is incredible. These videos provide the audience with a unique perspective on everyday things, which you might have never thought about or imagined yourself.

Typically, a #POV video will assign a particular character or persona to the viewer. The post creator sets the scene, and he or she indicates what point of view the video is taking, in the post caption. Here are some awesome sample videos by Filipino TikTok creators, with POVs like a classmate, a school geek, and even someone’s crush.

<blockquote class=”tiktok-embed” cite=”https://www.tiktok.com/@yanyandejesus1/video/6784969113149181186″ data-video-id=”6784969113149181186″ style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;” > <section> <a target=”_blank” title=”@yanyandejesus1″ href=”https://www.tiktok.com/@yanyandejesus1″>@yanyandejesus1</a> <p>POV: You’re the school geek who has a crush on me (the bad boy) for a long time and you decided to confess your feelings for me.</p> <a target=”_blank” title=”♬ Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – KYLE” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/music/Don’t-Wanna-Fall-In-Love-257352655952334848″>♬ Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – KYLE</a> </section> </blockquote> <script async src=”https://www.tiktok.com/embed.js”></script>

<blockquote class=”tiktok-embed” cite=”https://www.tiktok.com/@moonchi22/video/6772857444327623938″ data-video-id=”6772857444327623938″ style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;” > <section> <a target=”_blank” title=”@moonchi22″ href=”https://www.tiktok.com/@moonchi22″>@moonchi22</a> <p>POV: Ako yung bagong transferee sa klase <a title=”pinoytiktok” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/pinoytiktok”>##pinoytiktok</a> <a title=”fyp” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/fyp”>##fyp</a></p> <a target=”_blank” title=”♬ ‘yung bagong classmate ay ‘yung crush mo – ❀JaBuan❀” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/music/’yung-bagong-classmate-ayyung-crush-mo-6772847316253690625″>♬ ‘yung bagong classmate ay ‘yung crush mo – ❀JaBuan❀</a> </section> </blockquote> <script async src=”https://www.tiktok.com/embed.js”></script>

<blockquote class=”tiktok-embed” cite=”https://www.tiktok.com/@jasminealabastro23/video/6783331142889196805″ data-video-id=”6783331142889196805″ style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;” > <section> <a target=”_blank” title=”@jasminealabastro23″ href=”https://www.tiktok.com/@jasminealabastro23″>@jasminealabastro23</a> <p><a title=”pov” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/pov”>##pov</a> : me and my friends were talking but then we made eye contact 🙈 (you’re my crush) <a title=”foryoupage” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/foryoupage”>##foryoupage</a> <a title=”tiktokdavao” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/tiktokdavao”>##tiktokdavao</a> <a title=”tiktokphilippines” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/tiktokphilippines”>##tiktokphilippines</a></p> <a target=”_blank” title=”♬ Make Me Crazy – goalsounds” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/music/Make-Me-Crazy-6723521178754960133″>♬ Make Me Crazy – goalsounds</a> </section> </blockquote> <script async src=”https://www.tiktok.com/embed.js”></script>
In some videos, the viewers personify inanimate objects. This one from @benoftheweek, for example, puts viewers in the point of view of a Nintendo DS Lite https://vt.tiktok.com/YxnFXq/. This video is said to be one of the first to use the #POV hashtag on TikTok.

<blockquote class=”tiktok-embed” cite=”https://www.tiktok.com/@benoftheweek/video/6659135780339846406″ data-video-id=”6659135780339846406″ style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;” > <section> <a target=”_blank” title=”@benoftheweek” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/@benoftheweek”>@benoftheweek</a> <p>what ur nintendo ds lite sees when u pictochat ur crush (wait till the end lol) <a title=”foryou” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/foryou”>##foryou</a> <a title=”foryoupage” target=”_blank” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/tag/foryoupage”>##foryoupage</a></p> <a target=”_blank” title=”♬ original sound – benoftheweek” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/music/original-sound-6658980917748615942″>♬ original sound – benoftheweek</a> </section> </blockquote> <script async src=”https://www.tik

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