Working around Huawei MateBook D14 notebook’s topping multitasking features


In Focus: Huawei MateBook D14 (Notebook Laptop)

Getting around working from home can be tough, if not tedious, without the right computing power to lean to get the job done in no time! But that should not be the case with the Huawei MateBook D14, Huawei’s topping laptops designed for the home based multitasker – which is everybody! Designed for anyone tasked to manage a variety of chores, from work, studies or family errands, the D14 Notebook makes it easy shuffling those chores to its needed conclusion. It is designed for anyone living or working with a handful of digital and networking devices.

Clean steel finish

The MateBook D14, which is 14-inch in size, gives you that full High Definition (HD) cinematic screen experience. It has this edge to edge screen size ratio for that seamless viewing experience with Dolby type surround sound. It is specifically useful for interactive webinars like digital classrooms, which requires a decent amount of attention for functionality. Screen provides view from any angle, making it useful for children sharing classroom screen time with other kids. It has two speakers that breaks into full stereo surround digital sound once placed on any flat surface. Audio is cris clear listening to on-line seminars or classes. But you can shift to Bluetooth for headsets anytime. NFC is another wireless option for D14. It lets you mirror actives images or video content from your mobile devices. It works well with Huawei handsets, letting you screen push contents for unexpected client presenations, particularly those projected for webinar presentations. Notebook ships with a keypad placed HD camera clear enough for Zoom, Google Meet or even Messenger group video.

Pop up camera provides more security for children browsing

Facebook, Google Meet and Zoom have to be downloaded from browser. It is a one time uploading drill, but what is important is how fast apps for video seminars turn up for unexpected digital seminars. Windows 10 tiles does not carry Facebook, Messenger or even some Google video supporting softwares. For two camera webinars, MateBook D14 is receptive to third party apps supporting such features – and you can simply add camera from flashdrive or HDMI ports. While taking apps seem practical, getting work done fast for things like writing or video or photo editing, Big Tito suggest downloading Nortin anti virus for added encrypted security protection against malwares.

Twin speaker provides theater type surround sound

If this is too expensive for your budget, then you can stick with anti-virus features on Windows 10. These programs provide ample protection for daily laptop deployment, and they do check from background with secured updates. Huawei included a security platform similarly for anyone networking the MateBook D14 with mobile devices. It collects data from that activity, but this comes with consent, along with softwares updates from background to protect your laptop. Like its mobile devices, Huawei included with D14 option to have cloud storage. It is a convenient way to safely keep and manage stored data you can extract while actively on-line. Huawei MateBook D14 almost has enough internal storage but BigTito suggest keeping files off it for this could slow data processing in the long run. But this particular notebook runs with AMD Ryzen 3700U, a processor designed to cut multi-manage multiple live programs. It comes handy when actively on-line managing webinars, research browsing or streaming video contents all together from YouTube or Netflix. Any particular data download is monitored by Huawei or Windows for possible malware infiltrations. Breach is reported in form of screen alerts you can clean up real time or while working. AMD design cuts through apps that eat up excessive battery energy – basically allowing you to keep D14 running (with Facebook, Instagram, Zoom and Netflix) for 12-hours straight. Charging completes in just one hour. Thanks to its brick Type C port that can double for mobile phone charging your Huawei P40. It helps knowing D14, for long browsing drill, does not heat up. It comes with engineered engine ventillation underneath laptop. Laptop does not support screen touch functionality, but it is not exactly necessary for anyone mix matching Zoom to typing or editing posters or videos. HDMI port is provided, useful for syncing contents or playing video from another player in full pristine HD mode. Multitasking is key to Huawei MateBook D14’s actual design. We have tried connecting three devices from flashdrives, HDMI port and one through NFC. Each devices was firmly managed for easy file transfer while system constantly check devices for software anomalies, including malwares. This is useful for students transferring files from their mobile devices to the D14’s storage. It is safe and practical but make it habitual to updates laptop’s anti-virus for greater protection. Webinar camera gets pop up design. BigTito finds this more secured since camera cannot be activated on purpose without, for lack of a better word, popping screen camera first. Ir should protect children’s privacy while on-line with other children using social media for random exchange of school related information like assignments. Intended for easy and fast deployment, MateBook D14 candidly boots with a finger print security scanner in less than five seconds. Screen and keypad is protected with solid swivel that allows you to open its on a 360 degrees angle. It is less than a kilo in weight, making D14 easy to carry or keep in your backpack. And for those keen on looks, Huawei MateBook D4 comes with sleep all steel finish aluminum cover to body design. It is a head turner with a fancy for heavy and faster work multitasking feature to get you through day working from your crib!

Huawei MateBook D14: Features and Specifications

Huawei Matebook D 14 specs:
Software: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Web Camera: 1-MP HD (720p) keypad based pop up camera
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700U
Display Type: 14 inch Full View (1920×1080) IPS/ 250 nits
Graphics Type: Full High Definition / Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics
Body Design: Metallic Steel Finish (Grey)
Keyboard Type: Chiclet variant
Speakers type: Twin
Headset Jack: 3.5mm 2 in 1 jack for headset/ Microphone
Battery: 56WH
Port: Flashdrive / HDMI
Storage: 8GB RAM DD4 / 512GB SSD
Bluetooth Type: 5.0 (latest)
Cooling System: Shark Fin Cooling System 2.0 (Huawei)
Flashdrive Type: USB-Type C / USB-A 3.0 / USB-A 2.0
Security: Joint Fingerprint/ Powerbutton
NFC: Huawei Share (mirroring)
Variant: Space Grey / Silver





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