Xtreme unveils more consumer affordable 49” Full HD (Flat Scrren) Smart TV

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Xtreme unveils more consumer affordable 49” Full HD (Flat Scrren) Smart TV

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Tito Review: XTREME 49” Full HD Smart TV

Who does not want a big flat TV for Christmas? You can build your very own digital home theater with that screen size right inside your living or bed room. But who can afford one? Well, that is where the appliance brand Xtreme makes a fair difference in terms of affordability.

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Already a distinct household name, Xtreme has been launching budget friendly home appliances, including latest XTREME MF-4900s Smart TV that is selling for only P24,000. And it is a grand 49-inch Smart OLED TV + all the digital theater spec you are getting for a decent home theater TV. TV’s size is proportional to a functional movie house with that sought after ultra high definition screen .

Audio details with digital surround. It gives off that pristine clear digital stereo effect that gives you more details. It is quite useful watching landscape shot movies featuring different actors, allowing you to make proper dialogue distinction, providing depth in terms of characterization through audio and visual interpretation. Perspective includes hearing dialogues rendered in whispering mode, allowing it to make sense of a building scenario typical of big budget production movies like Mission: Impossible series.

Video and audio have adjustable settings you can manage from a wireless remote control. It lets you shift keys to adjust video and audio quality, depending on where the TV is broadcasting. A fair example if TV is broadcasting a game from a bar, you can set it to stadium or when watching news you can set TV to standard mode – giving you more picture clarity and audio vividness from brodcasting live feeds.

But if this settings proves too complex, XTREME MF-4900s includes set audio and video design you can choose for any file playing like MP3, MP4 to HD or 4K mode. Either way, with such ready settings applied, the TV works to adjust fed audio and video to nearest Full HD format. It means that no matter how bad video or audio source, TV makes it perfectly acceptable watching and listening.

A sound bar has been added just beneath the 49 inch screen. It has several speakers that provides that unique 360 degrees type of audio digital theater quality delivery from all sides. It means that regardless which point you are watching, you always get closest Full HD audio. While this can be blasting non-digital TV feeds, sound bar can be turned off on purpose.

For better or closest HD or 4K feeds, its best to make use of the HDMI ports located on sides, along with standard audio-video sockets for add on file players. Ports include digital antenna socket, which fits perfectly with either Cignal or TV Plus type connectors.

The MF-4900s is a digital TV. There is no need to hook in a digital box to watch HD broadcasting channels. All you need is a decent digital TV antenna, in which case once plugged in, you can have TV search for digital channels in under five minutes. TV distinguishes channels broadcasting in standard to high definition. This allows you to make sense of picture quality differences. Channels can be programmed to exclude standard channels to enjoy Full HD screen of this TV.

Streaming is encouraged for big TVs. A designated button for NETFLIX and YouTube has been added to the banana type remote control that comes with box. I suggest buying an extra remote control for future usage. The main round button incliudes key controls on its sides – four choices providing short cuts to settings for audio (Pure Sound Technology) and screen quality adjustments. It includes timer control and shifting to feed points when you want to watch TV and then shift back to your playing video.

The flashdrive port, also located with TV and Audio and video ports, can readily play files from a 500GB to 9 terabyte flashdrive. It has this auto plug in mode which shifts screen to file collage you can simply click to play any videos or audios. Set setting to read all files for easy disbursement of external sourced files. It generally plays avi, MP3, MP4 to HD and 4K files. Both HD and 4K is either suggested playing since it brings out the full screen OLED quality.

Connecting external file players, like your old DVD, BluRay or VHS players, works with this TV. But the good part, and this applied with brands like Samsung, Philips, Xiaomi and Panasonic, once hooked to TV the banana boad can auto control video play instead of using two remote controls. It comes handy for elderly shifting between TV and movie files.

Digital streaming is the best way to enjoy the full audio and screen features of the XTREME MF-4900s. The plug in for broadband is located on side port bed. Once connected, TV automatically detects quality of broadband feed. Worth noting, and this is good for areas with fluctuating broadband, Nextflix streams neatly even with a 3Mbps upload. It is generally glitch free for audio and video quality. If there is any fluctuation detected, TV works to adjust streaming to best visual and audio seed instead of just simply stalling. Eperience similarly applies to YouTube streamable videos. Prepaid broadband, however prctical this may sound, is not suggested for streaming.

But I suggest exploring more TVs personal setting. It allows you to have a better sense of creative control of TV’s surroud sound and Full HD to 4K screen features. It can be adjusted to size of your living room, keeping digital audio and 4K screening flow tempered to your viewing taste. Banana type remote control seperates control of forward and rewinding playing files. You can stop video playing from middle ok button. Backward or forward play is rendered from rear part of remote control.

Designated Netflix and YouTube button works handsomely well, just make sure you have a strong broadband connectivity to stream content. Subscription for Netflix needs to be settled before any streaming, but YouTube can easily launch either its HD or standard streaming videos from its browser. Having a 49 inch OLED screen gives you a fair distinction between standard and HD streaming content. While broadband feeds can vary, the XTREME MF-4900s adjust’s any video playing to closest Full HD picture, including audio surround sound quality.


A 49 inch flatTV could do wonders. It is the closest thing you can do bringing cinema to your living room. But there is more to that when your XTREME TV dabbles with a huge 49” Full HD OLED screen. It re-defines immersive theater type screening with a full size or bigger 49 inch screen you can auto play with any file players at your disposal. And what is best about it the price is consumer priced.

Speaking of assembly, the XTREME MF-4900s is amazingly light. All you need to do is take out 49 inch TV from box, screw in the TV’s left and right foot. After that, connect your broadband from the back of TV, test streaming quality via YouTube. Digital TV requires a digital TV antenna similar to what you would use with that defunct TVplus box, channel program TV. Process takes less than ten minutes, but suggest editing digital TV channel to avoid channel list redundancy.

XTREME MF4900s ultra thin bezel is only 6.7mm thick. It is designed with high-end 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 (pixels) resolution + HDR feature and headphone (3.5mm port. It comes with three other ports for HDMI, USBt and antenna port. A port for digital box has been added, but you would not need such with a digital OLED TV at your disposal.
The LAN port, along with Ctream’s built in Wi-Fi, sit well for your internet broadband, handy for streaming Netflix contents or YouTube videos.

Check out the main specs:

Ultra high def (3840X2 160)
Ultra Slim Bezel
Pure Sound
IPS Panel
Built in Wireless LAN
3 HDMI, 1 AV, 1 USB Port, RJ 45
Smart Remote Control

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